March 27: This Day in History

March 27 ... It is possible that someone you know is in this day marks his birth?And maybe this date something else is remarkable?Or someone from celebrities celebrating their anniversary?All this you will learn by reading this article.

March 27.It is your birthday

person born on this day will go through life a triumph, not knowing defeat and problems.His traits are present qualities such as dedication, hard work and determination.Zodiacal sign March 27 - Aries.That same day, Mars has a strong influence.It gives the person was born, the energy that helps overcome the negative traits inherent in all Aries.

Name day that day

Festival March 27 and for those people who on this day celebrate their name day.This is Michael, Rostislav, Benedict, Lydia.Let us dwell on these names.

Michael - a name that has Jewish roots.Literally translated, it means "who is like God" or "who is like God."Michael has been acting as a fighter for justice, all the time trying to eradicate the shortcomings he sees in ot

hers.Its distinguishing feature is the excessive generosity in everything and gallant treatment of women.

Rostislav - a name that has the Old Slavic roots and translates as' growing fame. "In Rostislav very difficult are the relations with women.But if it already meets the girl, his intentions are always serious.In family life Rostislav manifests itself as a loving, faithful husband and a caring father.

Benedict translated from Latin means "blessed."A man with the same name is often blessed with talent, in some cases, at birth.Benedict usually achieves great success in their professional activity, as distinguished diligence and hard work.

Lydia - a woman's name, which comes from the ancient Greek word, means "a resident of Lydia."So once it is known as a country located in Asia.Lydia is very picky in choosing a life partner, and often when making decisions on the subject listens to relatives and friends.But if she got married, she becomes a real hostess and homemaker.

Professional holidays celebrated this day

1. March 27 - Day of the Interior Troops.

Workers of Interior Troops of the Russian Federation noted in this day their professional holiday.It is set in 1996 by a presidential decree, although the internal forces are formed more than 200 years ago.That same day, March 27, 1811 Alexander I signed a decree on the establishment of the Internal Guard battalions cities.

servicemen of these forces to ensure public order and security for the population.They guard the peace of civilians, often risking their lives.On this day solemnly handed rewards and incentives particularly distinguished employees MIA and honor the memory of fallen comrades who were carrying out their duty.

2. Theatre Day - international holiday.

official celebration on March 27 in all parts of the globe celebrate the theater workers.The main initiators of the approval of this holiday were the delegates of the Congress IX ITI UNESCO in 1961.Theatre Day - a professional holiday for all the actors, directors, producers, and many other workers in this field.On this day, hosts various celebrations, theater festivals, as well as premieres of new plays.

Folk Calendar

According to the Orthodox calendar, March 27 in honor of St. Benedict of Nursia called Venediktov day.On this day the people of conclusions adopted in the yard all the cattle, clean it carefully and read the conspiracies against bad word.

events that marked this day

Every day in the history of our country there are any important events.It was not an exception and on 27 March.

The famous this day in Russia:

• 1793 - Right-Bank Ukraine turned to the Russian Empire.

• 1854 - the beginning of the Crimean War.

• 1878 - the peasant Fyodor Blinov petitioned for a patent on the invention of the world's first tractor crawler.

• 1898 - Russia signed an agreement for the rental of China Port Arthur and Far to twenty-five years term.

• 1920 - Denikin and his troops retreat to the Crimea.

• 1953 - announced an amnesty for political prisoners, sentences of less than five years are canceled.

• 1978 - Mstislav Rostropovich is excluded from the Union of Soviet Composers.

• 2008 - accomplished the launch rocket "Kosmos-3M".

What events took place March 27 in the world:

• 1512 - researcher at the Juan Ponce de Leon made a discovery of Florida.

• 1855 - kerosene patented in the United States.

• 1860 - American ML Byrne received a patent for a spin.

• 1893 - The world's first phone company, "Alexander Graham Bell" started its work.

• 1928 - in the Netherlands published the world's first postage stamp on the theme of football.

• 1944 - Nazis in Kaunas was shot about two thousand Jews.

• 1964 - Alaska was an earthquake, which killed 118 people.

• 1977 - in the Canary Islands there was a plane crash, which killed 583 people.

• 1999 - the military operation conducted by NATO against Yugoslavia.

March 27.Birthday of famous people

This day is glorious birth of many famous people.Among them:

• Grand Duke Vladimir, Svyatoslav Vsevolodovich III.

• Soviet actor and director Alexander Dunayev.

• Soviet actor Alexei Zharkov.

• American film director Quentin Tarantino.

• Russian pop singer and actress Alika Smekhova.

• Singer Mariah Carey.

• Russian actor Aleksei Zubkov.

• Theater and film actress Olga Zeiger.

• Pop singer Polina Gagarina.