Self-confidence - a mandatory attribute of a successful person

lot of people wondering about how to believe in themselves.Everyone understands that it is really important for a full and successful life.Each individual is unique, but not all are aware of this.But the belief in their strength always helps to achieve the objectives.There is a famous saying that goes something like this: "Be confident in triumph - so much to win."This quotation can be slightly modified.Then it will read as follows: "To believe in themselves - so already as much as 50% to become an accomplished man."

What is the secret of people held?

Note the famous people who have achieved their goals and have come to success;look at the famous actors, politicians, famous wealthy businessmen.What do they have in common?That's right, each of them is quite a confident person.Is it possible that these individuals do not have any flaws?Naturally, there is, but these people are so learned to believe in themselves, that they often seem to be advantages disadvantages.And some of them just do not catch t

he eye.So why can not you follow their example and become accomplished and confident person?What is the reason?

Identification of complexes

Many people can not believe in themselves, because they interfere with systems purchased in a given period of life.It is necessary to try to beat them.However, in order to fight to be successful, you need to understand the cause.Some complexes are associated with the body and figure.In others they appear in adolescence, when great importance was the majority opinion.


When will be installed causes complexes, you can begin to get rid of them.There is one good way to help build confidence.Also it can be used to defeat complexes.It is about self-hypnosis.This is a very effective method of psychological influence on the individual himself.There are several options of self-hypnosis.

three effective ways of self-hypnosis

1. Stand in front of a mirror and examine thoroughly reflected.Try not to focus on the fact that you seem flawed.Instead, check its advantages.Maybe you have a beautiful color or shape of the eyes or your nose is just fine?Or maybe, your toned body is an example to follow?That's wonderful!Remember, once you develop a belief in themselves.Touted himself for these benefits.Right now, at this moment, standing in front of a mirror, showering themselves a lot of compliments.After a while, you will notice how your confidence and self-esteem go up the hill.In the next step and try to turn your flaws into advantages.Think about how you can successfully teach them good or mask.All of you can!This method of self-hypnosis is very effective.But, of course, it is understood that the first time amazing results can not be.Formation of self-belief - a laborious and lengthy process.But the result will make you happy.Believing in yourself - this is important in everyone's life.It is important to be conscious of this.

2. The following method of forming self-belief is this: you need to take a piece of paint and all its good points.This includes both the appearance and qualities of the soul.Try to remember at least 20 advantages.Now read this list.How much is good!I did not realize it joyfully?Praise yourself for the hard work and merit.And whenever you appear to doubt their abilities, reread this list many times.You are unique, and you will have something to love yourself!Do not forget that for a minute.You'll see, pretty soon you will have faith in yourself.

3. Keep a notebook for logging all your small and big victories.She is entered in even the smallest achievements.And re-read it regularly.So you realize that you actually - held, and successful person, and you will develop self-confidence.Learn to love yourself, and then fate will smile to you.

Belief in yourself quote

There are many statements about confidence.Let us recall some of them.

1. Richard Bach said that the person who thinks that he is incapable of any act, deprives itself of power.

2. Susan Boyle also has an opinion on the matter.It asserts that every person has a lot of enemies who are ready to impress upon him that he had nothing on earth can do.Therefore, it is not necessary to convince myself in this by yourself.

3. Mikhail Genin encourages faith in his star, even if it is not already known to astronomers.Very optimistic statement.

4. Johann Goethe said that confidence can be called magic.And when you work, then you can achieve all your goals.

5. According to Peter Chaadaev, just believing in an unreal happiness, we can get a tangible benefit.

6. Erich Fromm argued that the need to be always lit. candle and support for yourself.Incidentally, the best advice.He also argued that the need to act according to his righteousness, because it must always light the way.

7. Sergei Fedorov says that is fine, when a person holding a switch of its own light.And it is truly wonderful.We can turn on the lights at will.

8. It is also necessary to listen to the advice of Neil Donald Walsh.It encourages shine in the midst of darkness, but not to lament it.Do not forget who you are when you're surrounded by that has nothing to do with you.

In conclusion

Excellent saying, is not it?Remember them and regularly repeated in the mind: the belief in ourselves from this will only get stronger.