Why are not tied cauliflower: the main causes

Cauliflower - not an ordinary garden crops.This is the rare case when the food consumed no fruits, roots or leaves and unopened buds.They are fried, pickled, salted or use as an ingredient of vegetable winter salads.

easy to grow a plant, like cauliflower?Cultivation and care of the cultures are requires compliance with certain rules: timely planting, temperature control, proper watering and regular fertilizing.Cauliflower - is photophilous, heat-loving and water-loving plant, but with proper farming techniques, you can get a great harvest.

However, the beds are often observed the following phenomenon - not tied cauliflower, that is not formed inflorescences, which are eaten.Or unopened buds appear, but they are not connected to the dense and dense inflorescence, and look loose and sparse.

So, try to answer the question, why are not tied cauliflower.After all, if there is no ovaries, there will be no harvest.Meanwhile, cauliflower is several times Headed in protein, vitamin C and minerals, so it w

ill be a very significant loss for our diet.

first reason why is not tied cauliflower, is the wrong choice of variety.Specific hybrids and some varieties cultivated too sensitive to even minor variations in temperature and humidity, and under stress conditions do not form the ovary.

Another reason not tied cauliflowers - this is an error in the timing of sowing.Despite the fact that this plant is quite heat-loving, the ovaries are formed at a temperature no higher than + 18C °.The lower temperature results in a delayed development, but the inflorescences are more large.Therefore, seeds and seedlings should be planted so considering that occurred before the formation of buds of intense heat (early varieties) or after (late varieties).

Another typical reason why not tied cauliflower is irregular watering.This moisture-loving culture, and especially a lot of fluid is required during the formation of ties inflorescences and leaf rosette.

Contrary to popular belief, lack of nutrients in the garden does not prevent the formation of buds, but the head turns loose and rare.The same can be observed in the case of lack of water.But an excess of fertilizer is much more serious harm - to the growth of the leaves are green, which are not eaten, and as a result the beds formed huge green bushes without cabbages.One of the common mistakes when growing cauliflower is a truncation of the lower rosette leaves.Although they do not eat, they serve as a warehouse for nutrients inflorescences.Therefore, the head begins to take shape only after the formation of 7-9 leaves covering rosette.

For large, thick white blossoms recommended after the formation of ovaries head lightly pritenyat from direct sunlight.You can use any supporting material, but the easiest way to dislocate and slightly tilt upper rosette leaves, or simply tie them over the buds.