Nestling Duck: especially his care and feeding

For home or farmstead for sale breeding ducks - quite a profitable business.They produce three kinds of main products: meat, eggs, feathers and more - litter.

In order to start a business, you need to buy eggs or chicks.You can keep buying the past, but you can display them on their own farmstead.Nestling the duck is called a duckling.He has good viability, precocity and unpretentiousness.

popular breeds for breeding

  • musk;
  • Beijing;
  • black white-breasted;
  • clay;
  • Cayuga (coral);
  • mirror;
  • white Allier;
  • gray Ukrainian.

If the farmer bought the eggs, he would need a mother hen (hen) or incubator.It is very convenient for those who plan to withdraw bird meat in medium or large scale.The best would be to incubate the eggs lain after laying no more than 10 days, a flat form, the average size for this breed.

How to go from chicks and hatching to slaughter

duration of the incubation period is 27-28 days.The time interval of about one day before hatching called Pip.Nestling Duck at this time trying to break through the shell of the beak.It is important to be close to the ducks when they were born as they hatch wet, and the slightest draft becomes fatal for them.Duck kids need to be dried artificially, or give it hen.

Grow ducklings can be under adult bird - hen - or separately.Of course, the first method is better, but the chick incubator duck no worse for the productive qualities.It is only necessary to consider some subtleties:

  • room for the birds must have a constant temperature and humidity, although ducks and waterfowl, but the dampness in the house should not be.Air temperature before the 6th day - 22-28oS, then - 16-18.Bedding for the ducklings should be dry and warm, use straw, peat, sawdust.
  • Fledgling ducks, like any other poultry is very sensitive to hypothermia.You must use a special drinking bowls for the ducklings, so they do not get wet.
  • Schooling water produced later than brood is grown under the hen: usually 18-25 days.
  • necessary to calculate the size of the room and not to deploy a large number of chicks with ducks not tolerate closeness.The norm is 7-8 birds per square meter.

slaughter for meat produced in two months, the mass of young 2200-2500, after two months, the birds start molting ducks lose weight, weight at slaughter will be higher, but lower meat yield.

Feeding ducklings

Duck kids quite voracious, enclose food in the trough should be 3-4 hours.Their diet consists of cereal meshanok, cereals (oat, wheat, barley) with milk, cottage cheese, vegetables, green grass.Mineral supplements in the form of crushed shells, chalk, bone meal, and with three weeks - salt - is required.Ducklings first days of life are added finely chopped boiled egg.

Sexing ducklings

To find out the sex of the chick duck, it is necessary to look into the cloaca, at the drake in the lower section it can be seen a small hillock.Ducks can be distinguished floor almost immediately after birth.In some species, males and females differ in color.