Russia Churches: Church of the Intercession of the Holy Virgin in Bratsevo

Church of the Intercession of the Virgin is one of the most picturesque places on the outskirts of Moscow, not far from the house Bratsevo, which is not only an architectural monument, but also a model of landscape art.The first official mention of the village near Moscow with the same name dates from the middle of the XVI century.

history manor

construction of the temple itself is directly linked to the manor Bratsevo.The first mention of the village, and specifically about the manor, was found in the spiritual literacy, compiled Grigorevichem Danila Fomin in 1565, where he bequeathed the estate to his wife, and after her death - the nearby Trinity-Sergius Monastery.

some time the estate belonged to the monastery, and then was sold to the boyar Godunov.She then resold several times, until in 1657 it did not host Bogdan Matveevich Khitrovo - captain, an officer and one of the largest landowners.

Since he was among the approximate Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich, awarded him the rank of Butler Boyar a

nd made head of the Armory.It should be noted that while it was engaged in industrial and artistic service of the royal court, and it worked the best artists of the time.That's when it began construction of various buildings, including Boyarsky Dvor, as well as a stone church.

history of the church about the time when it was erected a temple of the Holy Virgin in Bratsevo shows extant stone slab.Inscription on it Old Russian script, says that in the summer of August 30 7180 (1672), the church was built and the boyars armorer Bogdan Matveevich Khitrovo and his wife, the noblewoman Maria Ivanovna.Initially, the plate was walled in the porch outside the church, and then for a while kept inside the church.Two years ago, it went back to its original location.

Unfortunately, the temple building, this unique architectural and historical monument of the XVII century, has reached our times with significant changes.Many of its architectural features have been lost to us forever.

At the beginning of the last century, Prince Shcherbdtov is the last owners of the estate Bratsevo, insisted on the dismantling of the bell tower, as it became dilapidated and required urgent repairs.But the Imperial Commission for Archaeology forbidden to do so.Slim high bell tower was demolished in 1928, and now its absence is a significant drawback of the modern type of the church.

after the fact the 1917 revolution, the church construction started to deteriorate, have started to take out the most expensive items and pieces of furniture.First they were kept in the State Historical Museum, and then out of it in 1930, the Tretyakov Gallery transport icons Feasts tier of the Church, written back in 1673 painters Armory.The very same Church of the Intercession of the Holy Virgin in Bratsevo in 1934, was closed, and the heads of drums dismantled.Then the church was partially rebuilt again, and in the 60s in its walls worked dye factory, and then organized the warehouse, and finally, service station.

worship in the temple was resumed only in 1993.Now the architectural monument, stood for nearly four centuries, require speedy repairs.


After the completion of the temple of the Holy Virgin impressed his contemporaries not only the beauty of architecture and style, but the interior a rich finish, on which worked the best craftsmen and artists of the Armory.They have also painted the iconostasis and stored now the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow.

Church of the Intercession of the Holy Virgin in Bratsevo - a pillarless church in the shape of double-light bushels, which blocked closed vault.It is crowned by a classic five-domed Moscow, decorated in turn kokoshniks tiers.

the west of the temple was built refectory and belfry, which were established so-called fighting the clock, which is a real rarity for that time.

The church was decorated by a belt of multicolored tiles.Cornice is also decorated tiled image of an angel with wings.The belt is a set of rectangular tiles that cover - it irrigation multicolored ornament in the form of rosettes.

on white background tambourines kokoshniks clearly visible unique protruding reliefs of angels with blue wings.It is worth noting that this kind of multi-colored tiles and did horuvimov Church of the Intercession in Bratsevo exquisitely elegant, despite its modesty.

Shrine Temple and schedule of services

believed that the icons for the iconostasis of the church were painted by different artists.Temple is proud of its main attraction - the miraculous icon of the Mother of God Hodegetria (of Smolensk).

In addition, there is a particle coffin St. Seraphim of Sarov, and the relics of St. Sergius of Radonezh, the Nile Stolobensky, Bethlehem infants and other saints.

For those wishing to visit the temple in Bratsevo - Schedule of Services: Liturgy on Wednesday, Friday and public holidays begins at 8:00 on Saturday - at 7:30 am on Sunday - at 8.30, and on the eve of the holiday - all-night vigil at 17.00.

Modern life temple

Now the church is not only carried out the service, but it is also a cultural center.There is a Sunday school, a center of spiritual enlightenment "Blagovest" and organized by the Museum-Gallery Abbot Michael Maleeva.It not only serves as a temple, as well as paints and books.Therefore, Church of the Intercession - this center of creativity where the museum are organized through creative and spiritual evening, held a variety of excursions.In addition, there is still room and a youth club with a rich program, meetings, warm communication and sharing movies.

Church of the Intercession of the Holy Virgin in Bratsevo is located at: Moscow, street Salome Neris, 4 (metro station "Skhodnenskaya").