How to beat the AK-47 "Varfeyse" fast?

AK-47 or a Kalashnikov assault rifle - a weapon that is extremely common in a variety of shooters.There is practically no game in which he had not been involved, "Kalash".Accordingly, "Varfeyse" it is also available, but you'll have to try to be like to get it.The fact that it falls only in boxes of luck, so you have to spend your money and time trying to get myself this trunk.However, there are special techniques that allow you to dramatically improve the odds.So you just need to know how to beat the AK-47 "Varfeyse" to quickly get it yourself.This article will address the most popular techniques known to gamers.


At first glance, football fans may seem that a scheme of arrangement of players on the field, but in fact - is a very effective method for producing Kalashnikov.If you want to learn how to beat the AK-47 "Varfeyse", then you should start with this method.How to use it?In fact, it is incredibly easy.You need to buy and open the box in order in the amounts indicated in the scheme.T

his means that the first time you need to buy a box and open it, and then proceed with the purchase of five boxes, if not the first would be desirable weapons.If the circuit and after you have not proved AK47 - advised to wait eight minutes, then repeat the chain again.At the same time you should know that it is not a technique that allows you to find the way to a hundred percent on how to clear AK-47 "Varfeyse", but only increase the chances of success.Guaranteed to knock yourself Kalashnikov rifle, you can not by any means, but if you offer a similar, then you are definitely deceiving.


Now that you know the procedure of how to beat the AK-47 "Varfeyse", it will be easier to deal with the other options, since most of the methods on all weapons similar to each other- they use about the same scheme with a different number of boxes purchased at a time.A further method involves the purchase of five boxes at a time in three waves, then it is necessary to make a fifteen-minute break to continue trying.Naturally, this is only the case if you do not fell the AK-47 in your first entry.So you can spend a lot of time, but there is a way out of such situations - you can make or download a macro to the AK-47 "Varfeys."It allows you to safely leave the house, leaving the computer on, and your macro will buy the desired number of boxes and open them at specified intervals.But remember that the administration considers macros proscribed programs, so that you can get for their use ban.

Every hour

In "Varfeys" game with AK-47 becomes a much more fun, so you'll definitely worth taking your time to get it.If the first method does not work for you, or do they just do not like you, you can try a completely different approach.To do this, you will need to buy one box of each hour - certainly in its first minute.This method works very often, and allows you to get the coveted machine for the first 7-8 hours.

general method

Naturally, the Kalashnikov assault rifle can be used and accepted method that works most of the time with all kinds of weapons.You need to buy and open the box just after four o'clock in the morning Moscow time - at this moment going to reboot the server, so you can take advantage of a little bug, which seriously increases the chance of dropping rare weapons.Over time, the chance falls to eight in the morning completely neutralized.