Processor MTK6592: characteristics and capabilities of the semiconductor chip

inexpensive, but adequate performance processor solution based on an 8-computing modules - is MTK6592.Features of the silicon chip and its capabilities will be discussed in detail hereinafter.At the beginning of sales of the CPA it belongs to the premium segment, but now its specifications already meet mid-range smartphones.

Technical Specifications

first 8-nuclear-chip ARM-based architecture is the MTK6592.Features him even now, 2 years after the start of sales is impressive and allows to solve any problems to date.Made the semiconductor chip according to the norms of 28 nm process.This provides a high degree of efficiency of the chip.In addition, each of the 8 computing modules is based on the architecture, code named "Cortex-A7".Among its advantages include low power consumption, but at the same high level of performance, it certainly can not boast.On the other hand, the 8 cores that can operate simultaneously compensates for the low level of computing power of each individual module.You also n

eed to add that the "Cortex-A7" - not a new architecture, and it is based on 32-bit computing.But in the foreseeable future it is planned the transition to 64-bit computing.Accordingly, the software to be written for such calculations on this chip will not go.But this question is not one day, and this process will take at least 2 years.The processor integrated 2-level cache.Its first level is divided into two parts, each of which is 32 kb.The second level is common and it can accommodate 1 MB of data.Features of the semiconductor crystal adds an integrated graphics accelerator - Mali 450-MP4.It consists of 4 computing modules, each of which operates at a frequency of 700 MHz.The only thing that is clearly not enough in the specifications of the chip, so this support mobile network of 4th generation.Smartphones based on this processor solutions can only work only in the GSM or 3G, although at the time MTK6592 support LTE technology was already up to date.

Frequency formula

In the basic version MTK6592 maximum frequency up to 2 GHz.But some manufacturers it is the value limit value of 1.7 GHz.This can be explained by a desire to save battery life, which in this mode is less than the flow rate.There is also a budget version of the chip - MTK6592M.She peak frequency is generally limited only 1.4 GHz.

Opportunities chip

As previously noted, the tasks of any complexity, without problems can be solved with the help of devices based on MTK6592.Features technical plan allows this chip to display the image on the screen in the format of "1080" to photograph images with a resolution of 16 megapixels and record videos as "1080" at 30 frames per second.Also, there is support for all common wireless interfaces, such as "wi-fi", "Bluetooth" and "ZHPS."The only thing that is not exactly lacking in the specifications of the chip - a support network of 4th generation or "LTE."As a result, the maximum data rate is theoretically in a given CPU several dozen Mbit / s, but this is enough for comfortable work in the global web.

Smartphones based on MTK6592

On the basis of this chipset is not so rare to find a Chinese phone.MTK6592 underlies Lenovo 939, UMI X2S, ZOPO ZP990 + and other devices an average price segment.Screen size such smartphone 5 inches or more, and its resolution of 1920x1080.An exception in this regard is a Chinese copy of the iPhone.MTK6592 underlies copies 5S.In this case, the diagonal of the device is reduced to a 4-inch resolution 1136h640.Thus the cost of them varies in the vicinity of 100-120 dollars.It is through such a modest price of similar devices apart from the competition.But the level of performance they have, if they lose the same Snapdragon 800, it is not so much and felt.


excellent CPU for a smartphone average price level - is MTK6592.Features it can solve every single problem today.But the cost of such devices have more than democratic.All this makes the purchase of such gadgets are very, very worthwhile.