How to organize a wedding - the main stages of this process.

Wedding - is a day that want to remember for a lifetime, enjoy the pictures and videos, cherish the most piquant and interesting moments.But how to organize a wedding, so she went to the highest level.

whole process of the organization should be divided into successive steps.Of course, the first of which is to determine the date of the celebration.Here, too, you decide for yourself.Can such a holiday you assign to your favorite number or bind with some memorable date.It is very important if you are planning a wedding, be sure to pay attention to the church calendar and see if this time some religious post.And now a few words about the timing of the preparation.Ideally, all the preparation it takes at least six months.But you can handle, and two, if there is a desire for something.

Let's go ahead and continue our discussion on how to organize a wedding.The next thing you need to do - is to decide on the format of the celebration, because this aspect will continue to have a direct impact on all act

ivities undertaken.

Here are a few basic formats:

• Wedding Celebration together

• The wedding celebration in a circle of relatives and friends

• Modest Wedding

• Big wedding

The next step should be to determine the place of celebration.If you prefer a restaurant or cafe, in this case, you must take into account the capacity of the room and the quality of institutions in general, both in terms of cuisine and service.There are two points that should not be overlooked, namely the interior.This is especially important for a thematic wedding party, what are the expectations from the selected location.Will they be justified.

Note that this is only the initial steps.How to organize the wedding so that she remembered not only the bride and groom, but also all those present?To do this, identify the main idea and the concept of the festival and try to make sure that your wedding was ultimately a single entity rather than separate collection of disparate subjects.

Here a slight digression.Many people ask, how to organize your own wedding.Of course, to make a normal wedding party is not difficult, adhering to the specified sequence.But if you want to put into practice some unusual idea, then do it on forces only to specialized agencies.

go to the step where you should order the wedding invitations and develop their uniform style, preferably in the general concept of the celebration.

sixth stage - development and design of a wedding celebration.This includes everything: wedding dresses, bridal bouquet, groom's boutonniere, decoration of the hall, transportation and more.Do not forget about the first dance of the bride and groom.To him, too, must prepare.It is best to visit a few dance lessons.

The question is how to make a wedding without driving?Let us say at once - it is impossible, so the next step is to determine the choice of toastmaster, videographer and photographer.

remains quite a bit - develop a program of wedding, create a budget, order a wedding cake.All of these activities is quite extensive and will require you a lot of strength and energy.Of course, during the preparation time to time will be various kinds of organizational issues.They should be dealt with as they become available.

Yes, the wedding - it's always great.But the flip side of it, namely the preparation of the celebration, requires considerable effort.And if you wondering how to organize a wedding, you realize that you do not have this problem forces attract the process of a more knowledgeable, or just contact the appropriate company.But decide for yourself.Right - you only plus savings and budget.