How to draw a hippo: pencil, step by step, for children

«Oh, it is not an easy work / From swamp to drag a hippopotamus!" - In Russian-speaking countries, all this is well known.It is difficult to argue, as the behemoth weighs from 1.5 to 4.5 tons.But we will not pull out of trouble, and to draw that much easier.If you think it's too prosaic animal to deal with his portrait, you probably have heard a little about it.Read on and you will learn not only how to draw a hippo, but also a lot about it.After all, despite the superficial good nature, his homeland attack are afraid of this animal is not less than the lion.

simply and realistically

Now we will show how to draw a hippo with a few geometric figures, without excessive detail, making it a good model for beginners.

  1. Draw a circle for the head and a large oval that will torso.The animal bit unusual proportions: the head is enormous, can reach up to a quarter of its weight, and expressed little neck.Try to convey the heaviness and power of the beast - because after the elephant is the second largest l
    and animal.
  2. Draw the outline of the muzzle and add legs.
  3. Make eyes, nostrils.Do not forget the broad fleshy eyelids over the eyes.The ears of an animal small but very mobile - he drives off of insects.
  4. have hippopotamus legs are very short, walking the belly almost dragged along the ground, so they do not stretch.But that does not prevent him from running at speeds up to 30 km / h.Doris them, as well as fingers and folds on the trunk.
  5. now turn to the trunk and rear paws.
  6. remains only to add the wrinkles on the body, the tail and claws on their feet.Erase the extra lines - and the figure is ready.

5 minutes

Just with a few lines you can draw a hippo with a pencil.

  1. Draw head.
  2. continue the line and make the trunk.
  3. Draw jaw.
  4. One line draw the front leg and abdomen of the animal.
  5. add the remaining legs.
  6. figure is almost ready: only need to add the ears, eyes, nostrils and a short tail.

Our hippo turned out pretty fun, but it really is one of the most ferocious animals in Africa.He often loves company even his relatives, and especially people.What it is not surprising, because they hunt the animal for the canines, which are more expensive ivory and meat.Therefore, their population is rapidly decreasing.

How to draw a hippo for kids?

For the little ones you can retreat from the real proportions of the animal and make it in a cartoon style.

fact, this behemoth is composed of three ovals, and circle.See for yourself:

  1. Draw basic shapes.
  2. Now add the nostrils, eyes with big centuries at the very top of the circle, small oval ears.
  3. Prorisuem fall: do not hesitate to make it wider, and do not forget about the teeth.
  4. The body does not actually require improvements, but leave the legs in the form of rods can not.Since the pattern we simplistic cartoon-one could just draw them as rectangles, but it is better to add an extension to the hoof.
  5. add claws, remove unnecessary and paint pattern.

Like a cartoon

If you are thinking how to draw a hippo-like merry Gloria from "Madagascar", here's a sample.It has the same lush lashes and a cheerful look, and his painting preschooler cope.

  1. Draw central oval and elongated semi-circles of it up - to the forehead and down - to the jaw.
  2. little circles and curls lashes for - and we have prepared a smiling hippo.
  3. outline the torso and front legs.
  4. add hind legs, tail and claws of an animal.We color.

complicates the task

This lesson will be of greater complexity, as we deviate from simple geometric figures, and start working with pencils of varying hardness.

So, how to draw a hippo stages in its "classical" pose for magazines about wildlife - with wide-open mouth?It would seem that the artist has gone too far with her image, but in reality this is not the limit.The width of the jaws of the beast - 60-70 cm, and the jaws can be opened at an angle of 150 degrees.

Let's start the work:

  1. Draw like an oval beans, one part of his outline circle.This is the basis for the body.Draw ordinary pencil HB, try not to press strongly on the lead.
  2. Now make a circle for the head and two ovals with the distance between them, as in the picture.This will be the jaw.
  3. Connect the ovals lines forming the jaws of an animal, do not forget the small eyes and short legs.
  4. Doris ears and teeth.The beast they are quite frightening, the number is 36. He uses them not only to chew on grass, but also for digging and defense.But we confine ourselves to four large incisors.
  5. Make a short ponytail.Do not forget that the hippo weight rather big, and Zhirkov too short, so mark the major folds and wrinkles on his body.
  6. Erase the extra lines.
  7. with a soft pencil B4 or B6, place the outlines of a rhinoceros.
  8. now shade the drawing.Mouth better to make lighter, the same goes for nails.

Now you not only know how to draw a hippo, but also a lot of interesting facts about him.Paint with pleasure.