What we whisper the stars?

stars say astrological compatibility of Aquarius and Scorpio - it's not exactly a good combination of two human lives.These people have the exact opposite idea of ​​the meaning of life: Water is always repelled by the events that happened to him at the moment, Scorpio is used to everything and always taken to heart.About this talk. Spiritual compatibility of Aquarius and Scorpio

stars whisper that in a couple of Aquarius + Scorpion leader certainly is Aquarius.Joining spiritual, representatives of these characters will be able to overcome all obstacles in their professional and social spheres.But for this they need to be in harmony and peace, and stick together, despite all the hardships that they do not always work.Do not you think that such an attitude reminiscent of some sort of conspiracy or union contract, rather than passionate love to the grave?All because of "arithmetic" of their relationship.On this - on.

Simple arithmetic: Scorpio +

Aquarius sign compatibility, according to the star

s, is not so perfect.Their relationship will always be accompanied by quarrels.Winners will not be, because everyone gets their just deserts.However, they have much in common, for example, intellectual approach to the world.That is why Scorpio and Aquarius can feel like a mutual attraction for each other and mutual repulsion.The couple need to work on an hourly basis.That's the math, my friends!

Compatibility Aquarius with a Scorpio married

Both partners are joining the union, will be able to build a very practical plans for the future.The absolute priority for both partners will stand career, after - the house and the children.The last thing they care about personal dreams come true and dreams.Family Compatibility Aquarius and Scorpio makes them a united and strong team, since that, and another peculiar iron will and overconfidence.

If you analyze their marriage in more detail, the better family relationships will be between a man and a woman-Aquarius-Scorpio.Such an alliance has the following qualities: precision, order, consistency, stability and loyalty to each other.In the opposite marriage (female + male Aquarius Scorpio) between the partners to be more of a problem of a different nature.The fact that women Aquarians can not understand why they need a marriage and what is necessary to restrict their freedom, stopping only for a partner?

Sexual Compatibility Aquarius and Scorpio

Their sexual relations resemble some eternal rivalry of conflicting desires.Much will depend on the emotional component: for Scorpio is accompanied by feelings of carnal love, but to Aquarius it has no value.That is why Aquarius is able to quickly return to earth, while the Scorpio is in the clouds and the slow steps back from the heights of his passion.It is interesting that the sexual initiative will come precisely from the Scorpio.