Adel Name: origin, nature and destiny

Sometimes we hear as mom or dad call her child, "Adel!" Perhaps they are referring to the name of Adele, whose origin is not fully established yet.It is known only that the word is similar in both the eastern and the Germanic languages.Name Adel - Adel is distorted.In our country, so gentle and affectionate name commonly referred to girls, but in Arab countries this euphonious name referred to the boys.True stress falls on the first syllable, from which the name of Adel receives oriental flavor.In Arabic, the word means "loyal, dedicated, honest."Similar words have in the Roman-Germanic languages, but it means "noble, pious," and often referred to as girls.So what is the name of Adel?So name your baby, regardless of gender, parents who want to see a decent, loyal, faithful, pious.It is believed that the name of the stresses and enhances the noblest traits of man.

Name Adel and nature girl

main traits that occur in girls from early childhood - calm and prudence.Baby avoiding noisy companies are not v

ery fond of group games, although physically very well developed.Her little friends: name Adel stresses especially girls, she does not waste your time on trifles.

But if Adele found herself girlfriends, they will stay with her forever, and the woman in their life will take an active part, sometimes dictating their own opinion.However, it is always forgive, because at any moment it is always difficult to come to the rescue.The woman bears the name of Adel, never aspires to leadership.Modest and shy, she is a great performer.However, decisive and difficult moments she is able to concentrate, to take extraordinary decision and lead the team.However, the career ladder Adel usually does not rise.

Love and marriage

In his personal life Adele always modest and shy, but most often it is not her true features, but simply part of the image.

She appreciates the friendly and equal relations, so a successful marriage can only occur with a man, able to understand and support the young woman.According to beliefs of the Adele, her husband must first appreciate her as a person, and then later a woman.However, with such a man is able to open up and Adele in the soul, and sexually.Falling in love, she will become an excellent hostess, sexy wife, a caring mother.On treason woman bears the name of Adel, is not able to, so other people change, too, does not forgive.However, it is unlikely to have enough determination to throw the infidelities of her husband: she would prefer to suffer than to change existing life.

Disadvantages name

beautiful and harmonious in itself, the name Adele comes from those countries where people are not usually given a patronymic in the Russian manner.Perhaps that is why our language is almost no names, which would create a harmonious pair with the word Adel.In addition, no name at Christmastime, nor in the Catholic calendar, so some priests refuse to baptise the baby under that name.