Bookmark moved from "Opera" in the "Opera."

«Opera» - nimble browser that loads pages almost immediately, and therefore extremely popular with Internet users.One of the most convenient features is its ability to save pages with important information for the owner of the computer in the tabs.Thus, you can one-click to go to a haunted Forum, favorite cinema on site with its own purse, the Internet bank, etc.

What may need to transfer bookmarks

Sometimes it happens that all this information must be transferred to another computer.Let's say from your home to work.In this article, we'll talk about how to transfer bookmarks from the "Opera" in the "Opera."Also, this procedure may be necessary in the case of reinstalling the operating system.All you need to do in this case in order to save the data - copy the folder itself "Opera" or individual files.Perform all of these procedures are too complicated.The most important thing - is to remember or write down somewhere in the path to the file browser.

Bookmark move from the "Opera" in the "Opera"
in Windows XP

In most cases the transfer of information is needed when changing your browser to a newer version.In order to import your bookmarks and other settings you will need to copy a few files.First of all, open the "Explorer".Next, go to the C drive, in the folder Documents and Settings.Then you need to find a directory UserName (you might be called "Serge", "Tania" and so on. E., Depending on what account you are running).Next, open the Application Data folder, and Opera.Thus operate if installed on a PC Windows XP.

Procedure in Windows 7

answer to the question of how to transfer bookmarks from the "Opera" in the "Opera" in Windows 7, a little different.In this case, you need to go no Documents and Settings, and in the folder "Users".Next, the path is: My Computer \ AppData \ Roaming \ Opera.Of course, it is difficult to remember.However, to know the location of the folder Opera, you can simply copy the address bar opera: about.This will open a page with all the necessary information.

folder Opera should find a file bookmarks.adr.It is responsible for the tab.This file should be stored in a folder.You can then proceed to remove the old version and install a new Opera.To uninstall you need to go to "Start" - "Programs and Features" - "Installed Programs".There is an old version and press "Delete."

After setting down the same path that has been discussed above, we find the folder Opera, and copy it saved file bookmarks.adr.That's all.Bookmarks will be migrated to the new version.

transfer passwords

Often people are also interested in the question of how to transfer the passwords in the "Opera".The procedure in this case is exactly the same as when importing bookmarks.Find the folder Opera, and copy the password file is responsible for wand.dat.Then install it in the same directory of the new version.

transfer bookmarks in the "Opera" to another computer

Some users may be interested to know how to transfer bookmarks from "Opera" in the "Opera" to another computer easier.To do this, first install it on the same version of the browser you are using at the moment.Then again, we find the folder Opera, and copy it entirely in the stick.All you need to do next - is to remove the same directory on the second computer, and then transfer to the media stored.If you use the same version of any problems should arise.

easy way.Save bookmarks file

In order to always be able to restore all your bookmarks, you should save them in a folder created for this.Procedure for this is very simple.Export and import bookmarks "Opera" performed in the "File" menu.There will need to select "Import and Export", and then in the list that appears, open the "Export Bookmarks Opera».Select the folder you created in which to store the file, call it something and click on "OK".

The stored data can be transferred to another computer.To do this you need to know how to 'Opera' import bookmarks.This is done as elementary.In your browser, go through the "File" - "Import and Export" - "Import Bookmarks".After that, all your frequently used websites can be opened in one click.

How to import / export with other browsers

Now consider ways to transfer bookmarks in the "Opera" from the browser Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer.Perform all these actions is also quite simple.In Chrome, you need to right click on the tab bar at the top and go to the "Manager".Here, click on the arrow "Sort" and select the item "Export to HTML».Save the file and open the "Opera."Here we pass into the "File" - "Import Bookmarks Firefox» or "Import bookmarks Opera."In the window, select the previously saved file.

As you can see, the question of how to "Opera" import bookmarks, nothing complicated is not.For Firefox and Explorer, on the menu, there is a special item.In Mozilla to store files you need to click on a star to the right of the address bar in the popup menu, select "Show All Bookmarks", and then in the window - "Import and backup" - "Export to HTML».In the Explorer such a course of action - "File" - "Import" - "Export" - "Export as HTML».

So we responded to the main issue article on how to transfer bookmarks from the "Opera" in the "Opera."You can do this either by copying the files from the Opera, or you store them in a folder in the menu.To move a bookmark in "Opera" from other browsers, you must first save it somewhere in HTML.All of these simple operations are performed in a few clicks.