How to get a root-rights at home?

increasing popularity acquire smartphone based operating system Android.This system is free, so many manufacturers of smart devices is to create a "green robot."Also, the system is very easy to use.But the creators of the model only supports half-baked, and the ones that came out over a year ago - still with the old version of Android.Thus was invented the firmware and the kernel, so that on your smartphone was the new axis.But for this it is necessary to produce simple steps.What kind?This will be discussed.I will teach you how to get a root-rights.

Let's see, what do we need these rights.There are such things as custom and stock firmware.The first - the ones that were made by ordinary people.In fact, informal.A second go along with the device.They are made by programmers producer.Most often produce custom variation of runoff.This means that the basis for taking custom version and make stock.The beauty is that, for example, for Sony, you can put yourself running from HTC or any other smartphone.So, r

oot you need to install the most cherished firmware.

most important thing on the question of how to get a root-law - a decision about what kind of firmware you need.To date, there are plenty of them.Make them both foreign and domestic masters.Before installing anything, carefully read the instructions and user reviews.As a rule, before any instruction is written, that the responsibility for the actions of your smartphone rests solely with you and no one else.

But back to how to get a root-rights.It's very easy.For example, earlier, to do it, had to "dance with a tambourine," and now everything is done in a couple of clicks away.It is very hard to write, how to get Ruth rights for all smartphones, because the base is all different, and actions will have to make, of course, somewhat different.But the essence is the same.You need to install the driver on your computer to your device.Then "kryaknut" through special programs.Usually, after these steps, you get the rights of a super user (superuser).This is necessary in order to control the system files.Then you download the firmware and change what you nuzhno.Takzhe should know that many require a custom firmware kernel.This means that some of the settings you can make only when put special database.The main advantage of this nucleus is that you can extend the functionality of your smartphone.In addition, it will be possible to "overclock" the processor.This will make the device more powerful.

Perform all of these operations are best on a laptop.If you do this on a normal desktop computer, it is likely that shut off the light.If the operation is interrupted unexpectedly, your smartphone can become a "brick".The chances that he will survive, very few.

recommended to backup (save files).Save data you can on the card, and any "cloud" service.But if any important documents you do not, then do nothing.

you know a little about how to get a root-rights.The most important thing in this case - to read the instructions very carefully.If you do as it says, nothing bad will happen.However, you will likely lose your warranty.But it is easy to return, if you put the drain and return all the firmware to factory settings.