The interpretation of the line of fate: palmistry

Everyone at least once in his life wanted to unveil the secrets of the future and to learn about what lies ahead, what is its fate.For answers to these questions people turn to astrology, fortune telling and palmistry to.The latter is the ability to define hand, what is the nature of man, to know the past and the future.Of particular importance are the line of destiny.Palmistry in drawing, thickness and length of these features on the palms gives the answer about the destiny of man.Let us examine them in detail.

Lines of Fate: palmistry

These traits are considered to be the second most important mark on his hand.His first in the ranking - the line of life.Dash responsible for the fate, can tell about the life of every human being, his career plans and development needs.It is located in the middle of the palm upright and goes from the middle finger to the wrist (like palmistry says).The value of the line is determined as well as the fate of luck and success.Oddly enough, this feature is not present i

n the palm of all people.If not, then it means that the person has no purpose in life, no desires.In the same case, if such an individual have dreams and needs, the lack of a line of fate means that it does not develop, does not work, does not go to his desire, but takes life for granted and do not want to change anything.

As the palmistry lines appear on the hand of fate when one still finds life purpose and seeks to achieve it.Also it has a length value of this feature, its thickness, character drawing.The longer the line, the better, the more amplified the qualities that it gives people.The same can be said about its thickness.If the line is dashed or dotted with small dashes, it means that on the way to the cherished goal of man can have many obstacles.

Features fate line

Palmistry in the description of the features in the palm of a person pays attention as its location and interaction with other marks on her arm.On top of this line can be seen on the individual child.Thus, if connected to the Fate of feature characteristic of life, it means that the person has had and has a strong influence family.If the fate line is at a distance from the said markings on the hand, we can say that the individual at the outset of my life take all decisions on their own, with no one to consulting.With parents such a person is quite cold relations.

End of the Line of Fate may indicate a propensity of an individual to any type of activity.If the similarities end under the index finger, the owner of a palm befall success in politics, administration or law.If we are interested in the line tends to the middle finger, then such a person closer to the classic activities such as trade, health, education and other professions.Creative and communicative people have a hell of fate, ending near the ring finger.Man waiting for an unprecedented success and fame, if it has a branch at the end of the line of destiny.Palmistry attributes such individual financial well-being, happiness and success.