What is transport logistics?

Logistics from an economic point of view is the activity on the organization, management and optimization of motion all sorts of streams from their source to the ultimate consumer.This science is divided into several types.One of them is transport logistics.This kind of system, which is responsible for organizing delivery.In other words, transport logistics involved in the movement of certain material flows from point A to point B. This selects the optimal route.Active use of this field of knowledge takes place in the sixties of the XX century.It was at this period is intensive development of the industry.It became clear that the knowledge of all areas of movement of raw materials allows to reveal losses.Thus, competent transport logistics reduces the cost of the goods.An essential role in the development of science was achieving STP, through which the connection was made possible at great distances.

functions and tasks

customary to distinguish between operational and coordination functions of log

istics.The first related to the management of the movement of values ​​in the field of direct production and distribution.The second related to the level of co-ordination of supply and demand.These include the analysis and identification of needs (mainly material) manufacturing process planning and forecasting of market development, the processing of information about customer needs and more.In other words, based on the data obtained, logistics connects the needs of customers with the capabilities of the enterprise.

Now tasks.They can be divided into two groups: general (global) and private.The former should include achieving the best possible results at minimum cost.The second group of tasks include the establishment of a minimum level of reserves, reduce the time period required for transportation, and many others.

If we talk about the features characteristic of this type of science considered as transport logistics, there is an important place is given to the staff, which is essential to achieving the goal.They also include the need for vehicle classification and the organization of the pricing policy.

Transport logistics: system and infrastructure

following discussion focuses on the transport and logistics system.This concept describes the totality of customers and producers of goods and services, as well as used for their interconnection lines of communication, transportation, building and construction, management and other resources.Transport logistics can not exist without adequate infrastructure.For moving objects, storage, warehousing and tracking of all processes financial and information flows is not possible, unless the necessary technical means.The framework provides a smooth and accurate implementation of all functions.From the quality of shipments depends largely on the volume of the final cost.Therefore, transport logistics in the enterprise should take into account the following aspects: the efficiency of each transport mode individually, the effectiveness of the organization of transport from producer to consumer, and taking account of storage and handling, which is especially important for the client.


Transport Logistics plays a huge role in the enterprise.This is a necessary link in the system, because this science is responsible for managing all flows and implementation of material flow management is not possible without the organization of its transportation.Thus, transportation costs should not only be effectively used, but also be flexible.It will allow to realize the main purpose of transport and logistics system, even in a rapidly changing demand.