Passport - the main document of identity

Translated from the Latin "passport" literally means "the movement through the gate."Originally in the Middle Ages was the name of a passage through the main gate of the city.Today, a passport - the main document of identity of the citizen at the border crossing that provides access to various services and functions as safety.

passport reflects the affiliation of a citizen to the state, although not necessarily imply residence in its territory.

There are several types of passports, which establishes a list of identification documents to each of them has its own category of "owners".

Russian passport

It is the main document of the person in the Russian Federation.It is a booklet consisting of nineteen pages containing information on identity:

  • personal data (name);
  • photo set parameters;
  • birth date and place;
  • residence;
  • information on military duty;
  • information about registered marriage (and divorce);
  • presence of children;
  • blood group and Rh (by the owner).

In addition, the passport con

tains information about the body that issued it, and giving extradition.Passport issued in the Russian Federation citizen reaches the age of fourteen, and subject to exchange twenty and forty years.A passport - not a right but a duty of the citizen.


Unlike the previous, this identification document is not obligatory for every individual, and is only required for border crossings between the two countries.

Getting a foreign passport is not possible if:

  • there is a conviction, and the sight of her, or the crime is irrelevant;
  • citizen work associated with materials of first and second degree of secrecy;
  • received Russian citizenship illegally.

In all other cases, a passport is issued for a period of five or ten years (biometric).Upon expiry of the passport becomes invalid.

diplomatic passport

It is a document proving the identity of the President, members of the Council, and the Government, the State Duma deputies, diplomats and couriers Foreign Ministry, as well as family members of a citizen of the Russian Federation operating in the Mission of the Russian Federation.It is owned by the state, is issued for a business trip abroad and shall be deposited in the back of it.

Service passport

This identity document, issued to a citizen of the Russian Federation during his official trip abroad, after which he must be returned to the issuing organization for three days.Its validity can not exceed five years.


As the name implies, this type of document relies sailors: working on a vessel of foreign navigation, seconded for service on a foreign vessel.This cross the territory of the Russian Federation by any transport they could in a group, and individually in the presence of an extract from the ship's role is properly certified.

identity documents of a citizen of the Russian Federation within the country

All of these types of passports for crossing the border of the Russian Federation.Besides them there are documents in the territory of the Russian Federation confirming the identity of the owner.In addition to the already discussed, such documents are referred serviceman identity and birth certificate.Identity soldier - military issued for the entire period of their service in order to confirm their identity and legal status of the approval.Birth certificate - a document issued on the basis of the birth certificate of birth (from the hospital) and is the basis for the identification of children under 14 years.