What is a tree above the eucalyptus or chestnut?

question about what the tree above, eucalyptus and chestnut, occurs when a person has enough information about these representatives of the world of plants.You can fill the gap by using the information offered in the article.

Eucalyptus: features

To answer the question, whether the tree above, eucalyptus and chestnut, it is necessary to study the characteristics of each of them.For example, it is known that eucalyptus - is an evergreen tree plant belonging to family Myrtaceae.

straight trunk rises to a height of fifty to seventy meters.There are giants, reaching one hundred meters.The plant is able to hold the crown thanks to a strong root system.The tree is growing rapidly, as the record for the rate of increase in their size.Nesvedov person usually does not correctly determine the age of the plant.It seems that before him survivor aged 80-100 years.In fact, the tree could be planted no more than 20-30 years ago.
begin to bloom in the third to fifth year of life.Pollen and nectar are very fond o

f bees.But Eucalyptus honey is not used for human food, since it has a very specific taste and different healing properties.In the folk and traditional medicine widely used eucalyptus leaves containing natural antiseptics.
homeland of this unique tree is Australia.But today, the plant is common in other regions of the world - Asia, America, Europe.People use eucalyptus plantations where you want to drain the area, get rid of the marshy areas.The roots of the plants are a kind of "pump" pumping out the excess moisture from the soil.But we must not forget that the eucalyptus - heat-loving plant, so even a median strip for him too hard.

Chestnut, the variety

Analyzing the issue, which above the tree, eucalyptus or brown, it is useful to know that there is a family konskokashtanovyh plant a tree form.Its height can reach a little more than thirty meters.

tree blooms in the spring, attracting a large number of bees.Chestnut honey is valued for its pleasant taste and healing properties.The parks and groves, where there are chestnuts, insects collected a rich harvest of pollen and nectar.Feature chestnut honey that crystallizes very rapidly, so beekeepers do not leave it in the hive bees feeding on.
no need to lose sight of the fact that science knows about fourteen species of chestnut.It grows on the territory of the Mediterranean, North America, Japan and China.Chestnut occurs both in vivo and in culture.Among the variety of forms there are species whose fruits are edible.
Lifespan of different kinds of plants up to five hundred years or more, but the height of the trunk is less than thirty-five meters with a diameter up to 2 m.
Still, higher?Chestnut or eucalyptus?

similarity plants

becomes clear that both types have many similarities between them.Both refer to the trees, are thermophilic, growing in the same climatic zones.They found both in vivo as well as in the form of artificial plants.Chestnut and eucalyptus - a tree species that can be called longevity.Both of them are excellent bee plant.

But the answer to the question of whether the tree above, chestnut or eucalyptus can be obtained by paying attention to what the plants are distinguished from each other.


If there are many similarities between the two plant species have their main difference - it is the height of chestnut and eucalyptus.The difference in these figures is obvious.Chestnut under the most favorable conditions, grow to a height of no more than thirty-five meters, eucalyptus same in the presence of sufficient heat and moisture can stretch out and 100m.

botanists, ecologists question whether any tree above - eucalyptus, chestnut, sequoia, acacia and so on. e., is not interested in itself.Based on these findings, they want to know first of all that affects plant growth as was the evolution of species.What are the dynamics and geography of the flora on the planet.What can be expected of our "green friends" in the near and distant future.