A Holstein cow gave us milk!

Holstein is considered the most famous of dairy cattle breeds in the world.It is often referred to as Holstein-Friesian breed.Related to her animals have high milk yield.All their great quality Holstein cows purchased in the United States, although it is considered the birthplace of the Netherlands.

history of the breed began in 1852.It was then Uinsrop W. Belmont Chenery from the captain of the Dutch vessel first acquired a Dutch cow.Chenery is considered a pioneer of Dutch breeding burёnok the Americas.Scott had high productivity and excellent adaptation skills.He received in North America, the incredible popularity.Holland and other European countries were engaged in cultivation of black-motley burёnok.In the US and Canada, breeding work was conducted exclusively for the improvement of high yielding.

By 1872 Holstein cows divorce in 12 states.The first stud book which describes the black-spotted cattle, was released in the same year.Since 1983, Canada and the United States decided to call th

e Holstein breed.

Holstein cows in Canada and the United States came from the black-motley breeds of animals in Western Europe.American Holstein cow has a high milk production.

Of course, most of these cows has a black-motley suit.But there is a red-motley animals.This suit is a recessive form.From these animals previously tried to get rid of.Since 1971, the red-motley cows counted as breeding stock.They are registered as a separate breed.

cows have pervotёlki live weight of 650 kg and an adult Holstein cow weighs 750 kg.Breeders hope in the future to bring the average live weight of 850 kg.Holstein bulls live weight is 1200 kg.Cow-pervotёlki withers grow up to 137 cm, and mature cows - up to 145 cm. The depth of the chest is 80 cm, width - 55 cm. Calf born weighing 39 kg and bulls weigh 42 kg at birth.In the Holstein dairy cows expressed great signs.But muscles have developed somewhat worse, especially in comparison with the European black-motley cattle.

udder cows voluminous and wide.It is firmly attached to the abdominal wall.More than 95% of the animals have a cup-shaped udder.Slaughter output reaches 55% of the live weight.

Productivity Indicators Holstein nurses in different countries differ greatly, because unequal climatic and feeding conditions.

highest milk yield of cows of the breed obtained in Israel.It should be noted that many breeders of dairy cattle attracted Holstein cows.Price them on the world market reaches US $ 4,000 per individual.For example: American thoroughbred Holstein heifers can be bought at the price of $ 3754 per piece and Russian breeding heifers can be purchased at the price of 260 rubles per kilogram.

Many do not know where to buy a cow Holstein.Typically, breeding cows sell a variety of livestock enterprises.It is only necessary to purchase the appropriate directory and start the search.