The global problems of our time and their solutions

global problems of our time - a series of social problems of the development of civilization, which, however, is not limited solely to the social aspect, and affect almost all areas of society: economic, political, environmental and psychological.These problems evolved over the years, which are characterized by rapid development of different spheres of human life and, therefore, their solutions are not definitive versions.

Philosophy and global problems

awareness of any problems - the first step in solving them, because only the understanding can lead to effective action.For the first time global problems were digested philosophers.Really, who does not like the philosophers are engaged in the comprehension of the dynamics of the development of civilization?After all, global problems require full analysis and consideration of different points of view.

major global problems

Thus, contemporary philosophy has been studying global processes.They appear as an objective factor of human existence,

that is,It occurs due to human activities.The global problems of our time are not numerous:

  1. so-called "negligible aging."This problem was first proposed in 1990 by Caleb Finch.There is a question of expanding the boundaries of life.This topic is dedicated to a number of scientific studies that have focused on the causes of aging and techniques that can slow it down or canceled altogether.However, in practice, the solution of this problem - far enough point.
  2. problem of "North-South".It includes an understanding of the large gap in the development of the northern and southern countries.For example, in most countries of the South is still the concept of "hunger" and "poverty" are a pressing problem most of the population.
  3. problem of preventing nuclear war.It involves damage that may be caused to the whole of humanity in the case of nuclear or thermonuclear weapons.There is also an acute problem of peace between the peoples and political forces in the struggle for common prosperity.
  4. Preventing pollution and maintain ecological balance.
  5. global warming.
  6. problem diseases: AIDS, cancer and cardiovascular diseases.
  7. demographic imbalance.
  8. terrorism.

global problems of our time: what solutions?

  1. negligible senescence.Modern science makes strides toward the study of aging, but the question of whether it is still relevant.In mythological tales of different nations can meet the idea of ​​eternal life, but the elements that make up the concept of evolution to date, in conflict with the idea of ​​eternal life and prolong youth.
  2. the North and the South, which is the illiteracy and poverty of southern countries is solved with the help of fundraisers, but it can not be solved as long as lagging behind in the development of the country will not be developed in the political and economic aspects.
  3. problem of preventing the use of nuclear and thermonuclear weapons, in fact, can not be exhausted, while in capitalist society the understanding of the relationship.Only with the transition to another level of appreciation of human life and peaceful coexistence problem can be solved.Acts and agreements between countries on the non-use of nuclear weapons are not a 100% guarantee that once the war starts.
  4. problem of preserving the ecological balance of the planet today is solved by the political forces that represent the interests of people who are worried, and with the help of organizations that are trying to save the endangered species of animals, engaged in planting and organize events and activities that are aimed at attractingpublic attention to this issue.However, technological society is unlikely to save the environment at 100%.
  5. Questions about global warming have long worried scientists, but the reasons that cause the warming at the moment can not be eliminated.
  6. problems incurable diseases at the present stage are a partial solution that offers medicine.Fortunately, this issue is relevant to the state of scientific knowledge, and provide funds to ensure that these problems have been studied, and physicians were invented effective medicines.
  7. demographic imbalances between the countries of the south and the north is the solution in the form of legislation: for example, Russian legislation encourages high fertility in the form of additional payments to large families, as, for example, Japanese law on the contrary, restricts the ability of families to have many children.
  8. Currently, the problem of terrorism is very serious after a number of tragic cases of resonance.Internal security services of doing everything possible to confront terrorism on its territory and to prevent the unification of terrorist organizations internationally.