How to get a knife in CS GO different ways?

CS GO - is the most popular to date, multiplayer team shooter game, which is played hundreds of thousands of gamers.Here is a very wide arsenal of weapons, as well as a very interesting system of its receipt.The fact that there is a set of standard guns, which you can buy for the money earned in battles.But there are also special rare items that are so impossible to obtain.Talk about absolutely all weapons makes no sense, so this article will focus attention on one type of weapon, which is very popular.It - knives, they have very high damage, but as you well know, are only valid in the melee.Moreover, they look very beautiful and stylish, so hunt them everything gamers.Accordingly, you should definitely know how to get the knife in CS GO, as it will come in handy in the future.

Knives game

If you want to learn how to get the knife in CS GO, you first should understand that they are different.And you get a standard knife immediately, but you can not say that he is someone strongly attracted.Of cour

se, all the attention on himself collected is rare and special knives that get not so simple.

It's no secret that the knives - a real treasure of the COP, so you should not claim that the knife - a useless thing.If you know how to use it, then it becomes a real weapon of death.In short, the subject is very much appreciated in the circles of the gamers, otherwise it would not cost so much real money on the "Market".But this will be discussed later - you'll learn how to get the knife in CS GO various ways, including for real money.Let's get started.

Buying a knife on the "Market"

The easiest way how to get the knife in CS GO, - the acquisition of this type of weapon in the "Market".This method has a lot of pluses - it's fast, convenient, reliable, you will immediately be able to use a knife in combat.All this is only a little dwarfs, however, very big minus.The fact that the knives are sold on the "Store" exclusively for real money.And it would not be so bad if the amount was reasonable.But if you want to get a knife, then you have to pay several thousand Russian rubles.This is no small sum, but some fans are ready to give even very much to become the owner of a rare species of knives.This once again confirms the fact that the knives - a very popular and sought after type of weapon in the game CS GO.How to get a knife in one way, you already know, but this is not the only option.


If you want to learn how to get the knife in CS GO bots or not, but it does not want to spend real money, for you have another option - actively strip the cases.They start dropping periodically when you spend enough time in the game.

What is the case?This is a subject that opens with a key, which can be bought for real money or barter, and win or get for free.It can contain any of the rare weapons, depending on the case.Naturally, you need to understand that the less the subject, the less chance that it will fall.Therefore, you may need quite a number of cases that have ever dropped the knife.There are different schemes that allegedly increases the probability of the knife.They offer you to open cases in blocks of several pieces, do it at certain times or under specific conditions.But in fact, here it is all about the case.However, even this method if you want to open cases often implies investing real money to buy keys.This, of course, a lot less money than buying a ready knife, but still investments are needed.But how to get the knife in CS GO without Donati?After all, not all gamers all want to invest in the game.

Change game files and search for bugs

Naturally, you can apply one of the bugs, which allows you to get just the subject.Unfortunately, these bugs fixes periodically, and the opportunity to disappear, so that once you see the instructions for using the bug immediately apply this knowledge in practice, until the bug was fixed.For example, so you can get any knife.The essence of the bug is this: You can change the image of the game, so that was replaced by a standard knife chosen.To do this, find the file which is responsible for game items, find the line that is responsible for the blades, and replace it in the value of default to your desired.


Of course, we should not think that this bug can be used absolutely anywhere.Unfortunately, it is used only on public servers and play with bots.If you want to take part in competitions or play at a high level, to participate in the rating, and so on, then this will not work as long as you do not return your standard blade in place.Good luck in the game!