What is cable Internet better

Today, almost all users of computers or laptops have access to the World Wide Web.Moreover, methods for connecting each different uses (for Internet via cable, wireless connection, a modem, etc.).

All we're simply not able to examine in this article.So let's understand today is a better power cord will be used to connect to the World Wide Web.After all, if you pick the wrong option or the cable is of poor quality, the speed of the Internet does not match the one that can provide the service provider.

Every day, someone from the user decides whether to connect your machine to the Internet.Whether you're a student who has a need to obtain the necessary information, or a happy new settlers who have moved into the newly deposited house - it does not matter.While the most common tool for this purpose - cable.Internet in this case it is possible to connect an unlimited and relatively high speed.It will vary a small monthly fee and reliable communication.But, unfortunately, many in this case, simply ign

ore the fact that the cable for the Internet must be chosen carefully.

so you know, he has his own classification.In its structure, it can be a two-core and single-core.This is the first option, which has a cable for the internet and it is determined, as the name implies, the number of involved vein.Solid is usually used in cases when it is necessary to lay the cable in the walls or under the panels.This species has only one, but a thick wire made of copper.It is absolutely not suitable for bending.

Stranded same cable for the Internet has a lot of veins that vary in thickness and small will not fit for the cable laid in the wall, for the reason that during the construction of the wall outlet, these thin wires twisted and whipped.Therefore, this kind better suited to connect a PC or laptop to a power outlet to which already they brought a single cable.

However, he has one good advantage.He is not afraid of different kinds of bends and twists.Although it is fair to note that it often stranded structure ensures that the signal will be attenuated.Based on the foregoing, it would be best if you use a combination of two of these cable types.Solid will be built in the wall, and multicore will be used to connect your computer or laptop to the internet socket.

I would also like to say a few words about the protection of the cable.In some shielding is present.There are four types of cords.Origin has no protection.The second - is equipped with foil.The third is equipped with foil and shielded.The fourth has a higher degree of protection.It is called a protected shielded.What does the screening?With it provides resistance to a variety of electromagnetic waves other equipment.This allows you to transmit data packets unscathed.