Institutionalization of Corruption - the higher and last stage

private trader in Ukraine, small or large, is not quite true.It exists because of him suffering a "roof"."Roof" - is official, fused with a bandit.The private sector is like a cow in a poor family with many children.The food somehow, and let all the milk.Cream - only the highway is called the head of the family at the Russian.

It's hard to talk about it blankly, so difficult that no-no, and thought it necessary?Watching the world, even animals, unwittingly condemn and regret predator herbivore, which have to rely on quick feet.And then all the same people.However, the need for peace and the need of people at least occasionally glimpse naturalist.

So, the Soviet state was a poor host and was forced to have a semblance of privateers.At the same time it could not avoid prihvatizatsii and it itself.Treasury positions - from the precinct to the minister - became the private property of individuals.There is a very peculiar private property relations.One - the factory, the other - the post.

you - I, I - you.

Could it be otherwise?Was it somewhere else in similar circumstances?It was not.If you are not wise, it is necessary to conclude that it could not be - and nowhere will not continue.North Korea ever rid of their leaders, most likely, will take the same path as that of Ukraine.

Why?Let us examine this bundle: private owner - the "roof".Is it possible without a "roof"?Can you, in other words, to catch up to them - the district, the minister, '' brother 'deputy - so much fear that their little soul went into the heel and did not come back?You can not.It is impossible, because there is nobody.

- How to - there is no one?And society?

- Company?And where is it?Maybe you show it to me?

look through history.Put the fear in the official and only the bandits could privately owned, worker-bourgeois.It's a good thing called bourgeois revolution.Private owner takes over power.Knut, gingerbread and prayer.Thou shalt not steal!Otherwise, you will get: to hell - after death, and during his life - into a kind of hell called the prison.So private owner gradually creates a favorable environment for themselves.

look at Ukrainian private traders.It is enough if he is able to crush their "roof" in the cake?Unavailable.Could he do without it right now?Also no."Roof" provides a no order.It helps to "solve problems."That's what she was doing consciously.More importantly, she does unconsciously.It brings in the privateers hatred.A ripe hatred private trader not only unlimited.This is a creative hatred.Suppressing the "roof", it creates a democratic capitalism - higher than has humanity today.

researchers note a fact of historical significance.Corruption in Ukraine (in Russian - too) in recent years institutionalized.This means that it is legalized.The relevant law is not written and not been announced, but it exists, is valid, get on with it.This is in contrast to the medieval law of the feudal and state levies - he was not just announced, and consecrated.That's why the sacred right of requisitions had to replace the sacred right of private property.Fight fire with fire.Do not pass the same poslesotsialisticheskomu and feudalism.Institutionalization of Corruption - the highest and last stage.The "orange" revolution is not meant to put an end to this story.She was modest.But one of its leaders at the time still announced: "My government will not steal."Stealing, of course, no one stopped, but the word has taken off, and it is not a sparrow.So even 30-40 years, and if nothing happens, then ...