Election 2011 Humility weaker.

recall the breakup of the Union: it was truly a time of global change, a paradigm shift of government, in the minds of the human perception of the world turned upside down;it seemed that the new people with a new approach to society will bring abundance and prosperity.All we see that happen.But wait, how could it happen?If all action, all decisions, all negotiations were carried out by people?Different people were involved in the fundamentals of the processes took place then?Can you talk about the fact that their actions were motivated by a kind of absolute evil, the quintessence of malice and ambition?No, their actions were not so powerfully motivated by whatever was osnovoopredelyayuschim rod.They simply do as it sees fit.And in this base.All people are capable of certain independent actions do so as they see fit.And that is why the plants were sold the right group of people, credit and financial system was built and headed the right people in the government were the right people.

From their point of view everything was done the most logical and correct.But they are people like us all ... As anyone who criticized them later, was ready to judge and execute!So what did you have other people in their place?We, you and I?Same.Absolutely and without alternative.We would be with you and shared sawed, built and demolished, work and play, spend and earn money in the same way.As well, the only logical and right.In our view, from the point.We have been assured that we are doing things right.It is better, when you personally and your trusted key assets controlled by your own country?After all, you know, so calm, so right?Perhaps we would have a little less than you would have stolen funds from the sale of oil and gas, and maybe even a bit more ... maybe when you have not even been able to maintain the integrity of the country at the level at which it exists now.And perhaps a few hundred square kilometers we would have to hold in excess of the current ...

But none of the men would not have done the same: would have acted as the opinion of the current non-involvement in the management process and cut the majority, must come power.To do so - means to weaken the control.Make independent courts and law enforcement agencies - to weaken the control, and the impact of losing the assets, and eventually fall in combat.Stop to control the media - to fall under attack even more swift and merciless.Stop manage elections - to disappear from the political arena, as at the same time the elections will begin to control the others.

And now, in an atmosphere of general election hype, naive to assume that these elections are, in principle, can bring something new.It would be naive to assume that belong to a certain party, ideology, will conquer a man's desire to solve their personal issues which lie primarily in the plane of material needs.And even if the parliament would multipartiynym, people still agree.And arrangements will meet their needs.But not ours.And come to the supreme power in the country the same lemon or some ultra-patriot, ready to tear teeth thieves and corrupt officials, the first thing any of them, being of sound mind, will form its own model of maximum control of the most important elements of society.Yes, there are people who sincerely ready to govern the country based on the ideals of goodness and justice, and maybe they would have adhered to these principles, it appear they are in power ... But let's talk sensibly they will not appear in power ever - this time, and even with the most fantastic scenariosthe arrival of such a righteous man in the Kremlin, he will not last there a year - that's two.

thing is people in their nature.In nature, strong people who can lead and manage.This is - unchanging feature of such a person, a leader.Leaders are less inherent traits svolochizm and commercialism, but none alone the leader will not be able to run the country.It is surrounded by associates, assistants, associates, advisors ... And they already form the structure that is so hated everyone else.

why only some global world turmoil affecting nations and continents, can change the balance of power in the world so that the redistribution of wealth in favor of the population will develop our country and people will fall intermittently larger crumbs.