Pentecost - what is it?

this day more than two thousand years ago there was an event the likes of which are hard to find in the history of mankind.On this day, the disciples of Christ were honored at the descent of the Holy Spirit, and they constituted a foundation of the future of the Church of Christ.Exactly fifty days separated this event from the day when, trampling down death, rose from the grave of their teacher.In memory of this holiday set.His name - Pentecost.What it is?

days spent with his disciples

Holy Gospel tells us that His resurrection from the dead, Jesus Christ for forty days remained among his disciples.He appeared to them several times while staying at the new, not the real body - the fact that in the future will find all gained eternal life.After forty days, the Savior ascended into heaven, having made it in front of their students.He made them witness a miracle in order to kindle even more faith in their hearts.

Leaving them alone until the time of Christ commanded his disciples to stay in Jerusa

lem, all the time, praying and waiting for His messenger, a comforter - the Holy Spirit.The apostles, with all the fervor taking in their hearts the Master's words, though they could not quite clearly comprehend what the Holy Spirit.Nevertheless, all the days that followed them was filled with a sense of impending joy.

Wonder, what happened in the Cenacle

In the book "Acts of the Apostles" is about how every day they met together in a special room - the Cenacle.It was under this name is entered in the New Testament.Nearby is the home of the youngest and beloved disciple of Jesus - Apostle John.On the day of His agony on the Cross, the Savior entrusted him with the care of his mother - the Blessed Virgin Mary.Since then she has constantly remained in his house.

come together with the Blessed Virgin and the Apostle John, the disciples of Christ indulged in prayer and reading the Scriptures.This went on for ten days until it has come to pass that he foretold before His ascension, Jesus.The New Testament is very lively and exciting scene describes the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the apostles.When this happens, do not difficult to calculate.We know that the Lord ascended on the fortieth day after His Resurrection.Let us add here for ten days, which conducted the apostles in the Upper Room, and you get fifty - Pentecost!

What is it and how did we learn more from the book "Acts of the Apostles."It says that in the first day of the Jewish feast of the harvest, at the third hour of the day, suddenly heard a loud noise in the air, as happens during a hurricane, and the chamber lit up the flames.But this was no ordinary fire, namely the one that is coming off now before Easter in the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem.Brightly shining, it does not burn and does not hurt.It was not a real fire.Shone upon the heads of the affected consciousness miracle of the apostles, flames doth rest on each of them.

Birth Christian Church

of grace descended upon them with the Holy Spirit, immediately made itself felt.The apostles felt an incredible surge of strength and energy.They are overwhelmed with feelings of love for God and others, and a willingness to give himself to the apostolate.For the execution of each one miraculously vouchsafed the gift of speaking in tongues, until now he was not driven, making it possible to carry the word of God to different peoples and countries.

United doth rest on them the grace of God the apostles constituted a new single church.Therefore, the Day of Pentecost is considered the birthday of the Christian Church.From that day a steady stream flowed human soul in her mother's arms.And from that day the apostles began their ministry, carrying people to the light of divine truth.

value of the Pentecost - Pentecost

Pentecost is one of the most important in Orthodoxy.It is close in meaning to such a solemn day as Easter and Christmas.It is not surprising, as the concept of the Holy Trinity is the foundation of the Christian faith.In the year 381 Church Council held in Constantinople, accepted the dogma of the three divine manifestations: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.On these days, and was set a holiday that we now call the Trinity - Pentecost.What is it, and it was clearly articulated in the documents of the Council, and we are guided by them to date.

Since this holiday is the birthday of our church, then it is always celebrated with special joy.It has become a tradition on this day to prepare refreshments and invited to the table of family and friends.Everyone is familiar with the custom of decorating the day of Pentecost the house and the interior of the temples with flowers and birch branches.By the way, does not necessarily birch.In some places, used bundles fragrant herbs such as sage or lovage.It is an ancient custom.It is based on the fact that God in His trinity brought to life, which in this case symbolize green tree branches and tufts of grass.

church service on this day of Pentecost

service always takes place in churches solemn and at the same time happy.On this day, all the clergy appears in green robes.This unusually combine with green birch trees that decorate the room.Parishioners are, holding flowers and bouquets from the same birch twigs, and when the end of life for sprinkling them raise above their heads, the temple is transformed into a living spring grove.

Celebration of Mid-Pentecost

Since this holiday is connected and another interesting tradition.In the Orthodox Church decided to celebrate the day, which is called the Mid-Pentecost, that is, half of those days that separate the Bright Resurrection of Pentecost.The name of the festival dates back to the times of the Gospel.In the New Testament we read how the Lord in the last year of his life on earth, entered the church, and taught there in the day, the cutting off of the Old Testament Feast of Tabernacles.The Gospel shows that all those present marveled at the depth and wisdom of his words.In honor of this teaching, and set the cutting off of the holiday of Pentecost.He is preparing us for the day of the descent of the Holy Spirit.

Hebrew roots of the holiday

interesting to note that there is a Jewish holiday - Old Testament Pentecost.What it is?The fact that it was the custom of the ancient Hebrews on the fiftieth day after their exodus from Egypt (Passover) celebrate the holiday firstfruits of wheat harvest.References to it are found in many ancient authors.For example, Josephus, in his work named Pentecost.Under the same name, and it appears in the works of many other Greek and Byzantine authors.

This holiday was established in honor of the fact that the day of liberation from slavery in Egypt the Jewish people at Mount Sinai received the stone tablets inscribed with the Ten Commandments on them.They were called Zion the law, and were the starting point for the creation of religious and legal basis of the future state.Of all today celebrated Orthodox holidays are only two roots of the Old Testament, it is Easter and Pentecost.

Celebration in the first centuries of Christianity

Have survived a lot of evidence about how to celebrate this day in the first centuries of Christianity.Of particular interest are recording a pilgrim from Western Europe, written in the IV century.In them, she talks about how Friday preceding the holiday, was performed all-night vigil in the Church of the Resurrection in Jerusalem, as the read Bishop of the gospel, and when dawn broke, all went to the other - the main church where the sermon lasted until the third hour of the day.

But that's not the end of life, as after a short rest, all led by Bishop went to Zion, where he read extracts from the "Acts", telling about the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles.It ended the same day service on Elionskoy mountain, in the place where ascended Savior.Such long service, which participants were not only Christians who lived in Palestine, but also pilgrims from distant countries, said the high status of this holiday and about understanding the importance of attending all the events took place.