How to make your eyes bigger with makeup

Not every girl was born with a large and beautiful eyes that would have delighted any person.However, to correct this deficiency is very easy if you use a certain technique of eye makeup.Since large, wide eyes - is the pride and envy of all the girls, many of them are trying to visually enlarge.

question of how to make your eyes bigger, interested members of the fairer sex, as this opinion becomes more expressive and attractive.This will be discussed in this article.

I would like to give some advice on how to make your eyes bigger.For starters do not forget about cosmetics.And it is not necessary that the makeup was expensive and proprietary.Most importantly, in a cosmetic kit was mascara, tweezers and a special shade of white.So now we start in order.

To eyes longer the most important thing - to make up the lashes mascara.You can use a special extension, but you can use ordinary.Mascara is applied in a few strokes, but not worth very much to paint eyelashes.Otherwise view will look heavy, and it

does not give beauty and tenderness.Eyes will look more expressive, if you make sure that the eyelashes are not stuck together and did not look like "spider legs."The lower lashes can never paint.Then his eyes will look wider.

Then you can tweak the eyelashes special tweezers.With this curling eyes look big and beautiful.But do not be too zealous, otherwise the eyelashes are curled unnaturally.

lovers saturated makeup, you can use a pencil or a shade of white.Inner corners of the eyes have to make up white.It's visually makes your eyes more.Needless eyelid can be painted light colors, and on the outer corners of the eye cause shadows of darker colors, but not black, then they should be lightly shaded brush.

If you want to make the evening make-up, you can make up mascara upper and lower lashes.But, unlike the upper eyelashes, the lower should be applied less ink.Also, the eyes are more expressive, you can use light shades with glitter or sequins.This will make your make-up is very impressive.

We must know that in any case it is impossible to draw the eyes of the black arrows long as they are visually narrows.Groomed eyebrows make eyes a little, so it's best to make them thin and slightly raised.Brightly painted lips can also distract attention from the eye.So many girls, make-up lessons of the past, use light shades of lipstick or gloss.

There is another way how to make your eyes bigger.Almond-shaped eyes creates a beautiful and alluring look that all jealous.And if by nature is not given to you, you can do it with makeup.In order to create the shape of the eyes, you need to try.On the upper eyelid applied shade of blue-gray or dark green.On the upper eyelid along the lash line is necessary to conduct a strip of eyeliner or pencil, then you should extend slightly beyond the upper corner of the eye.The lower eyelid is also necessary to bring the fine, and then the lines a little shade.

These are some tips on how to make your eyes bigger, help you become irresistible.