What was the name of Thor's brother?

To avoid mistakes, responding to the question: "What was the name of Thor's brother?", We should recall the pantheon of gods Norse mythology.Senior and foremost considered a powerful one but him recall twelve more important gods, among which mention Thor and Loki.

Gromovik and ax fastener Mёllnir

In mythology, Thor was the god of thunder and storms.The son of the supreme god Odin was armed with a battle ax, lightning, so over time has become a real storm giants.He liked to be compared with all the force and had insatiable appetite.Hammer forged Mёllnir it dwarfs (dwarfs brothers), he was considered as a symbol of the destructive and creative force, the source of good luck and fertility.The weapon was a massive peen, short handle and always gets right on target.

Loki God of Fire

Loki, Thor's brother, always accompanied him to travel, together they have gone through an incredible amount of adventure.And in almost all cases it is the resourcefulness, cunning and agility helped his brother Loki to

overcome difficulties.A clear proof of this can serve as a history of kidnapping hammer villain - a giant mirror.As ransom, he demanded himself fertility goddess Freya to wife.Loki is a unique decision, he persuades Thor dressed as a woman, to go to the kidnappers.Thor reluctantly agreed, and together they went to the groom-thief.As soon as they pleased Hold handed hammer, Thor beat the poor fellow, so trying to restore its tarnished Wearing women's clothes reputation.After such a story is not hard to remember, as they called his brother Thor - trickster Loki.

From mythology to the cinema

no wonder that so bright and charismatic characters are gradually transformed into a cinema and animation.Films in which they are the protagonists, or occupy a secondary position, a great many.And the well-known wide audience brother's name becomes a household word Torah (eponym) that contribute to the following films:

  1. Series 2011 "Thor and Loki: Blood Brothers."According to the story, captures power in Asgard, Loki, Odin and Thor chaining him in chains, he throws them into prison.This also manages to abuse beautiful beloved brother Seth.In the world of tyranny is established, but the ruler is a witch and seer predicts Karnilla Loki fall.
  2. «Thor» 2011 - The fantasy thriller directed by K. Branagh, which is based on the same name comics Marvel Comics.In this movie, Thor arrogant and proud, but banished from Asgard to Earth.There he accidentally meets a beautiful woman astrophysicist Jane Foster, which falls in love.Now he must stop his brother, who is going to rule Asgard alone.
  3. «Thor 2: The Kingdom of Darkness" - an epic blockbuster force.This fantasy comic book contains a story in which the mighty Thor and Loki will fight together with the ancient alien race, which is headed by the villain Malekith.
  4. «The Avengers» 2012.This film is a first-class blockbuster easy, the plot of which put the story of the same Loki - arrogant and duplicitous.This time, he decided to take over the Earth, and to confront it will be not only a noble Thor, but also a team of superheroes: Tony Stark, better known as Iron Man, rampaging Hulk, brave Hawkeye, insidious and extremely seductive Black Widow, brave and old-fashionedCaptain America straightforward.

After watching these film masterpieces are no longer there needs to learn how to name his brother Thor, thanks to color and charismatic character's name deposited in the memory of every spectator.

Gift fans

villain Loki is so fond of the audience, the fans are requested to the studio full-length motion picture Marvel remove this god and it is desirable to T. Hiddleston in the lead role.In the meantime, one of the fans has created a film "Loki's brother Thor", the plot of which is focused only on the identity of the god of fire, his relationship with his father, brother and other characters.The material served all Marvel films, or where there is mention of Loki.The author deliberately removed some action scenes that build logically related story, but added a few cut scenes workers not included in the official version of the films.In an extreme case, the viewer is not familiar with the history of this deity, from this picture certainly know how to name his brother Thor.