How is the installation of plastic windows?

windows have received great popularity among the inhabitants of Russia.This is due to their durability, reliability, high thermal insulation properties.However, all these benefits may come to nothing if the installation of plastic window is faulty.

installation designs are best left to professionals who have made it.They conduct all measurements, will execute the order in accordance with the requirements and wishes of the customer, as well as carry out the installation yourself.

can draw on their own work and, at the same time you must be very careful, to check the evenness and accuracy of installation.

process begins with the dismantling of the old windows.This step is simple, but accompanied by the formation of a large amount of dust and dirt.Therefore it is necessary to push away adjacent furniture, remove drapes, remove the flowers and other home furnishings.Also it is necessary to be careful not to damage the doorway.

Then begin immediately installation of plastic windows.Before it is recomm

ended to check the integrity of the design, to see whether all the hardware in place, whether it is working properly.

Before installing window, remove the protective film from the frame.Otherwise, in a few years, it can stick, and then remove it will be very difficult.

Rama installed in the window opening and is secured there anchors.Installation of plastic windows should be carried out to check the location of smooth vertical and horizontal.Minimum deviation threatens to further malfunction design, breakage and other individual elements.Then it is necessary to repair the plastic window, but to correct its location has not come out.Tolerance of the horizontally and vertically - not more than 1.5 mm per 1 m.

After fastening the frame anchors begins seam sealing.This is done using the foam.It is worth considering that at lower temperatures, use a special winter version, which does not lose its properties in cold weather.Sealing design increases its thermal and sound insulation properties.But the foam is unstable to external shocks, particularly to sunlight over time lose their properties destroyed.To avoid this, you should immediately perform a finishing both outside and inside the window.

joints most often handled in a special silicone sealant or tape PSUL (self-expanding polyurethane sealing tape).In the future, the latest cover tide (outside) and the slopes and the sill (inside).

Once the window is installed, it must stand with closed doors is not less than one day.This eliminates the possibility of displacement of the structure.

Once completed the installation of plastic windows, ready to install window sills, slopes.They also fixed with foam.To eliminate bias sill it should either put the load evenly distributed over the entire surface, or install spacers.

final step is plastering the cracks between the sill and the wall sealing of minor defects, removal of dirt and dust.Installation of PVC plastic window over.Now you can enjoy the beautiful view at the new apartment!