How to make your country site using chalet Tricks?

Each of us wants to have a place to retire and relax.One of these places is a cottage.Summer - is the time when to leave the sweltering streets and go out of town.A suburban area - it is an oasis of beauty, a piece of nature, gathered in one place.And to ensure that it really was a dream site, you need to constantly worry about how to have a proper look.In this, we can help small chalet Tricks.

Because everyone knows that the landscape design includes the design and landscaping, as well as the improvement of household and suburban areas, you can create a beautiful and harmonious space in your yard using a small chalet Tricks or tips.Thinking the future of your land, you must remember that every landscape may contain hidden features and limitations.Proper formulation is a selection of different elements in forms.It is also necessary to highlight the center of the plot.Its role can perform the flowers in a flowerpot, fountain, a beautiful tree, or alpine garden.Paths connect with each other recreation a

t their summer cottage.Trees in the garden it is best to plant a rectangular grid.

One of the main laws is the right light and color selection on the site.In the garden you can combine about 130 different colors and shades.When planting the plants should be aware of their season.Landing on the site are evergreen plants, you can create a wonderful flavor that will delight the eye throughout the year.

Applying chalet tricks, you can achieve the uniqueness of the site.A correctly matched artificial lighting helps to create an original and unusual look.Simple tree with illuminated from below gives a fabulous, fantastic effect.

There are 3 types of lighting:

• Universal (lighting the whole area entirely).

• Accent (Giving priority to certain colors or details).

• Functional (lighting entrances, paths, stairs, entrance).

Another integral part of the suburban area is a lawn.This is the basis of the landscape.Although the part may seem that the landing and arrangement of the lawn - things are pretty simple, but it is not.The lawn requires close attention and constant care, which will help chalet tricks.Firstly, planning to drop him, you need to consult with a specialist about what seeds are suitable for the particular soil.Secondly, before planting the lawn needs to be done by draining soil cover, cover turf, soil and fertilize all align.We must remember that the lawn requires proper care: watering, mowing and weeding timely, and it is very hard work.

All these little tricks chalet will perfectly complement each other, creating a wonderful and indescribably beautiful overall picture.Your garden will look original.All of its elements will be able to communicate, if you apply the above cottages tricks.Photos presented above are proof of that.