Aerated concrete blocks: advantages and disadvantages

In today's construction is developing rapidly, thereby increasing the demand for materials.Cellular concrete has become popular in the domestic market.At one time, products have been widely publicized, and demand for them is now large.

Manufacturers of cellular concrete is said to be universal, but always ignore the fact that the aerated concrete blocks have disadvantages, too.In order to better understand the properties of the product, consider what is the cellular concrete.It is an artificial material that has a mineral binders and silica filler.Inside the units are pores.Its derivatives can be called foam concrete and aerated concrete.At the core of foam - foam sand-cement mixture.Aerated concrete obtained by adding aluminum powder and sand to lime-cement mortar.

Product Benefits:

  • fire;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • high thermal insulation properties;
  • low weight;
  • vapor permeability;
  • frost;
  • ease of handling;
  • cheapness.

most comfortable home built from material Aeroc (aerated).These stru

ctures are absolutely protected from all the troubles that beset the inhabitants of country houses - the defeat of the fungus, insects, UV radiation and so on.Eco-friendly material does not harm the environment.

However, professionals are not so often come from working with materials such as aerated concrete blocks, the shortcomings of which they know as well as dignity.Not all cellular concrete suitable for the construction of the building, especially the bearing elements.Masters are trying to work with gas concretes brand D500.

Experts know that aerated concrete blocks have the following disadvantages:

  • bad waterproofing;
  • fragility of the material;
  • insufficient resistance to bending (fragility).

Houses of aerated concrete should build professionals.Because if mistakes were made by pouring the foundation, will crack around the house.For example, the foundation must always be monolithic and ribbon, and not everyone can afford the extra costs by pouring a large amount of concrete.

For fifteen years, in the west of the house build of blocks that have different characteristics in comparison, for example with a brick and wood.With the construction of houses made of aerated concrete does not require special equipment.

Builders use for country houses aerated concrete blocks, the shortcomings of which they are always taken into account.For example, articles having insufficient density, can not be used for load-bearing walls.It is necessary to apply the reinforcement at high-rise building.It is necessary to take into account the fact that the building blocks of no more than 3-5 floors.

aerated concrete blocks require special fasteners, so the experts prefer not to work with them, despite their high quality and the seemingly inexpensive costs.The fact that after the complete calculation of the required materials, the cost increases considerably.

Cellular concrete is still very popular in construction.Not only must withstand the entire production process the construction of houses, but also to acquire material manufactured in an industrial environment, not private companies.