Parents Lermontov and their biographies.

Mikhail Lermontov - Russian genius of the poem.About his life and work known to a lot of his mother and father - much less.Parents Lermontov - people are not just fate.Their way of life and love were quite tragic.

Portrait of father and mother Lermontov

known as Lermontov called parents that they belonged to the nobility.Until modern times came only a few portraits of unknown artists.The paintings slim girl, painful and surprisingly sad, and the young man - the parents Lermontov.Portraits left no memory of what were these people who gave the world the great poet.

Maria M. Arsenyev (Lermontov)

Mother Mikhail Lermontov - the only daughter of Elizabeth Alexeyevna and Mikhail Vasilyevich Arseniev - was born on March 17, 1795.The girl was frail, sickly child.After surviving 15 years of his father's death, she went more into reading books and making music.As noted in his memoirs, people who knew her, she was pleased to read sentimental novels that brought it amazing dreamy, troubled imagination of a

young girl.

Maria M. was very musical: she played the harpsichord and sang songs sensitive words which records his albums, there were sentimental elegy about love and separation, friendship and betrayal, French acrostics.One can say that Mary M. was an ordinary provincial young lady, one of those that are written in many novels.In Tarkhany, the family estate of Maria Mikhailovna, remembered her as a person amazingly kind and sympathetic.They said that thin, pale lady went on peasant homes and helped people.

Love Maria Mikhailovna Arsenyev (Lermontova)

characteristic of the sensitive nature of Maria Mikhailovna was emotional tension, manifested in impulsiveness: she has always sought to assert their desire to prove their case, sometimes even contrary to the opinion of relatives.

So what happened when the parents of Lermontov, the great poet, got acquainted.Maria M. met recently retired, handsome young officer Yuri Petrovich Lermontov.Solid in their decisions, Maria M. once said that this is the man she was looking for, that he should be her choice.I fell in love the parents Lermontov.Biography their intertwined.

Relatives strongly objected to the marriage and it had its reasons: as the descendants of Stolypin Arseniev proud of their noble birth, their state allows them to have important connections at court.All of this did not allow the mother happily agree to the marriage of his daughter and Yuri Petrovich.But despite this, the parents did not give Lermontov.

Yuri Petrovich Lermontov

Lermontov's father, Yuri Petrovich, even though he was a gentleman, but belonged to a noble family, had no special achievements in the service.That's what worried relatives Maria Mikhailovna.The only thing that could be proud of choice - their ancestor.Georg Learmonth Andreev came from Scotland.In the fall of 1613, it was adopted at the Moscow State where in 1620 he was granted an estate in Galicia Zabolotskaya parish.

Traditionally kind of Yuri Petrovich Lermontov chose a military career.He graduated from the First Cadet Corps, who was in St. Petersburg, he served in the infantry regiment Kexholmsky.Yuri Petrovich participated in the war with Sweden and France, it has been in the battles.Due to a serious illness, he was dismissed from military service with the rank of captain.In spite of the state of health, he is in the war with Napoleon, in 1812, he took part in was organized in the province of Tula noble militia.Health Lermontov's father noticeably deteriorated, he had to be treated for a long time.

Marriage Yuri Petrovich and Maria Mikhailovna

Indeed, the choice of Maria Mikhailovna, according to many, was remarkably handsome, well-read and "heard" charming, kind and a little excitable, especially gave him the image of romance.Yuri Petrovich was a significant drawback - he was poor: the debts permanently mortgaged property, three unmarried sisters - all this makes it an attractive bride, thinking of his mother.Elizabeth A. believed that Captain Retired not capable of any business, and can only take care of the young ladies.As it turned out, a mother's heart was not mistaken.

But standing on his future parents Lermontov.Biography their reports that they were adamant in their intention to marry.In particular, Maria M. confidently stood his ground.And Elizabeth A. authorized the marriage.In 1811, he was engaged, and in 1814 in Tarkhany - Young magnificent wedding.

Family Life

Lermontov Mikhail Lermontov's parents were not happy for long.Maria M. is not without reason, blamed her husband's numerous infidelities.Once, at the next stage, Yuri Petrovich lost his temper and in an outburst of anger is very much hit his wife with his fist in the face.Nervous shock exacerbated disease Maria Mikhailovna began to develop consumption, which prematurely brought a young mother in the grave.

later Lermontov-son recalled how much his father wept when his mother was buried.But nothing has been impossible to return.Little Misha was left without a mother, his father - without his wife.Not simply in-law and Elizabeth A., grandmother of the great poet's lifetime, she thought it was his guilt in the death of his only daughter.

Separation father and son

After his wife died of Lermontov's father moved to his ancestral estate in the Tula district.Little Misha, he left in the care of her grandmother, Elizabeth Alexeevna, who made a tremendous effort not to give only grandson father.In her opinion, and rightly so, Yuri Petrovich was unable to raise her son as desired aristocratic relatives he could not spend a few thousand dollars a year on teaching the child language, drawing, music and more.

There are unconfirmed version that Elizabeth A. offered his son-25 thousand rubles for the fact that it does not interfere in the education of young Michel.Indeed, a grandmother, having a vast fortune, so was his will that his grandson would become her sole heir only if the father will not take part in his upbringing.With such severe conditions, Yuri Petrovich had to agree, and the relationship of father and son since then have been limited to occasional meetings.

In spite of everything, the relationship of father and son differed mutual affection: they are hard to bear the separation, their brief meeting brought the joy of fellowship, but the parting was painted hopeless bitterness.Father always watched the progress of his son, proud of what he does, believed that Misha brilliant future.And it did.

Yuri Petrovich Lermontov died on October 1, 1831, he was buried in the village of Sipovo Tula province.Later, in 1974, the remains of the father of the great poet was taken to Tarkhany.

family tragedy

Lermontov's parents had a difficult fate.A family tragedy of a child who grew up without parents, reflected in his work.He often spoke of his grief - the early death of his mother, the "terrible fate 'to live away from his father, not being able to communicate with those whom you love immensely.History has preserved not only the names of the parents of Lermontov, but the sad pages of their biographies.

Elizabeth A. Arsenyev managed to survive all the sooner dead only daughter Marya Alexeyevna, unloved in-law Yuri Petrovich, who always felt guilty for the death of his daughter.And the man who was the meaning of her life, her grandson Misha.The great poet Mikhail Lermontov was killed in a duel July 15, 1841.