All sins God forgives?

Many religious people believe that God's mercy is infinite, most importantly regularly repent.It is true that God is merciful.God loves us, the people, and takes into account our imperfection and forgives, but still not all, and not for any acts.

In the Bible you can find examples of people who committed sins, but God after repentance continued to consider them righteous.There are cases when the apostle Peter denied Jesus three times.

Paul, before becoming a Christian, I persecuted the early Christians and even approved of the execution of one of the apostles.But before becoming Christians, many of the city of Corinth were drunkards, thieves and homosexuals.Why did God forgave them?

Paul candidly wrote about himself: "To me it was shown mercy, because I was in the dark, and walked in unbelief."So the first step to forgiveness - is knowledge.

Naturally, this precise knowledge about God, Christianity and norms hristianstva.Poluchaya accurate knowledge of God contained in the Bible, people are begin

ning to understand where they go wrong and begin to regret and repent of their sins.In general, the history of Christianity, and other religions, is worthy of study.As a major Christian book - the Bible.

Repentance - is the second shag.O third step is written in Acts 3:16, "Repent and be converted, that your sins blotted out."After repentance is necessary to apply, that is to completely abandon the old unjust way.

There are some people whose sins God does not forgive.If a person has received the accurate knowledge, and do not lead their lives in order, it turns out that a person knowingly greshit.Imenno why God did not forgive Judas Iscariot.

same thing Jesus told the priests of his time.They are not only corrected, knowing the truth, but even more bent on evil postupkah.No it does not mean that if a person knows God's will stumble, God will not forgive him.It is one thing to commit the same sin without regret, and another thing to stumble, sincerely repent and never repeat the mistakes.It is important to remember that God sees the heart and mind of man, and it is impossible to cheat him.