Woodman relic: description, reproduction

Relic woodcutter (Ussuri relic barbel, barbel relic, relic Ussuri woodcutter) is a kind of beetles of the family of longhorn beetles.It inhabits deciduous and mixed forests.Sanitary "cleansing" of forests, their massive deforestation and uncontrolled collection of random individuals and collectors bugs - is the main problem, because of which the dying woodcutter relic.The Red Book has included in its list of endangered insects.

In our country it lives in the south-east and south of the city Raichikhinsk in the Amur region.But in other areas inhabited by the woodcutter relic.Where does it still?Kind was found in Norsk and Khingansky reserves in the south of Khabarovsk Krai, in the Primorsky Territory and the Jewish Autonomous Region.


His body is black, elytra chestnut brown, black legs, occasionally with a brown shade, 2 pairs of hair, there are bright spots on the pronotum.Males changeable sculpture and size of the jaws, antennae sculpture - from smooth to more abrupt.Woodman relic la

ys larvae are white, they are black mandibles;on the pronotum (the front half) is red lateral stripe.It may have four small recesses.


broadleaf and mixed forests inhabited by a woodcutter relic.Red Book it relates to endangered species, so to meet him there will not be easy.It is not known whether he lives in coniferous forests, although sometimes it is there.The larva eats slightly rotten wood, adults - juice trunks elm, linden.Adult insects under laboratory conditions and fed with sugar syrup;female could drink it for a day to 0.5 ml.It should be noted that females are far more common, as is carried out flights.Beetles are active during the day, night flying at bright light sources.

mainly larvae develop in various thick-trees - Manchurian ash, elm akin, poplar and linden Maksimovic Amur;sometimes occupy acute oak, Mongolian oak, elm squat, yellow birch, elm Japanese maple and hornbeam redkotsvetkovy Manchu.


females secrete a secret, attracting a partner.Copulation these insects occurs in the tree below the seat, which will continue to females lay their eggs;Copulation lasts about half an hour.After that, the male female does not leave - he putting it on the elytra front legs, raised her on a tree to the place where there will be eggs.There the female lays them in groups or one by one;she chooses for laying trunks with a diameter up to 100 cm. Woodman relic may defer a maximum of 28 eggs.Thus the adult lives of up to one month.Interestingly, lay their eggs, insects, both descend to the ground in a day where killed.

larvae were born, vburavlivayutsya under the bark.There they lay moves, then delve directly into the timber, thus leaving on the surface of elongated inlet.Larvae in the wood laid meandering, transverse or longitudinal galleries, densely clogged with frass.


Lumberjack relic lays an egg up to 7 mm.It is elongated, oval, narrowed towards the poles, a corolla-drawn on the ends;at first it pinkish, then it darkens and gradually becomes completely black.Chorion its deep thick cells.Intervals therebetween prickly-tapering, thick, with a much smaller cells.

Lumberjack relic: the larva

the larva's body is yellowish-white color, and a massive covered with thin, sparse yellowish hairs.The head retracted into prothorax, well demarcated Epistoma.Eyes are simple.Clearly frontal seams pronounced longitudinal seam.Hypostoma includes two longitudinal scleritis, widely spaced-regular plate, outstanding forward.Plat cross, small, whitish.At the base of the upper lip arched, brownish, while at the forefront of rounded, with reddish short bristles.Mandibles oblique to the top, the massive, pointed at the end.

Pupa Pupa stocky body, slabopodognutaya head pressed to the sides of the mustache, the apex bend to the ventral side between antennae forehead lightly pressed, as can be seen by looking at the photos.

Lumberjack relic, more precisely, his doll, has a transverse pronotum, spread-eagled on the sides with a narrow longitudinal groove in the middle.In the center there is a feeble mesonotum longitudinal groove, which are transverse wrinkles.On metanotum drive in dense transverse wrinkles hairy, with 2 strongly indicated slightly divergent in the direction of forward ribs.

Wide abdomen, severely narrowed to the top.Convex tergites of the abdomen, in the dense short spines on the back edge of the sides are stained yellow shade in the form of the month.Blunted apex of the abdomen is bordered by a roller.