Analysis offer: features and basic rules

Analysis offers - a kind of division of proposals into small particles, each of which has its own purpose and function.To properly make such analysis, it is necessary to focus on all the components of syntax and grammar.This article will not only describe these features, but also presented a bright and clear scheme of analysis.

Parsing offer: Examples and basics that you need to know

So to make the analysis, you need to know the basics, a kind of foundation on which is based the whole analysis.What should you do first?To begin to determine the grammatical basis.To do this, you need to repeat the kinds of grammatical foundations, as is often difficult or impersonal proposal definite personal and denominative proposals and suggestions, the subject and predicate which are separated by dashes.Thereafter, necessary to determine the number and conclude how this proposal, simple or complex.

further concluded about what is the purpose of pursuing suggestion: just tell us to ask about something or set i

n motion, to induce some action.This suggests that we need to define the purpose of the statements: declarative sentence / exclamatory / interrogative.The analysis offers further need to continue to define the type: exclamatory / nevosklitsatelnoe.After that you should go to the point in which we determine the completeness of the offer: two-part (where there are subject and predicate) / mononuclear (only subject / predicate).After we determine the degree of complications proposal can be both simple and complex, and can be complicated by a variety of ways, for example, involved in trafficking, or plug-in designs introductory words.

The next point - the presence of minor members.Analysis proposal provides two options: common / non-proliferation.Next - complete / incomplete sentence.The penultimate point is very voluminous, as it requires to disassemble each part separately.So, first we define what the principal expressed the sentence - subject and predicate.Then move on to secondary: Additions can be direct / indirect determination - consistent / inconsistent circumstances - the place / conditions / target / time / reason / mode of action / measure / degree.And the last point - charting.It is very important because it helps to visualize the proposal and easily determine its structure.

Thus, analysis of proposals subject to the same scheme.

  • finding a basis;
  • goal statements;
  • kind of offer;
  • type of offer;
  • degree of complications;
  • presence of minor members;
  • the fullness;
  • analysis of each part of the plan;
  • scheme.

features of each item shown above.Parsing a simple sentence would be more concise scheme.Do not forget that each item has its own characteristics, knowing that the analysis can be done easily.This will help to make easy analysis of supply and not miss a single performance.