Archetypes - a collective unconscious

Carl Jung saw the mental being of man as a complex dynamic integrity, which are based on the archetypes of the collective unconscious experience.Jung defined them as formal factors responsible for the organization of unconscious mental processes.While the archetypes - are universal, in the human psyche took its place in ancient times, and eventually become a universally recognized symbols of a culture of peace.

characteristic features of the collective unconscious

In life there are many archetypes, and Carl Jung, as a result of his studies of psychology and mythology, he described many of them.Archetypes - the components of the unconscious, endowed with distinctive attributes.For example, if a person in a dream perform heroic acts, it manifests itself in the image of the hero-savior.As a rule, we identify ourselves with the archetypes in the transitional moments in their lives, because the changes disturb us and make us think about their own behavior.

Types of archetypes of Jung

«shadow» -arhetip - is the unconscious part of the psyche of the individual, the dark side of his personality, which is beyond consciousness.This is the part of the human psyche that can not be eliminated.This archetype is concentrated all that is dark and the animal, which rejects the individual 'I'."Shadow" shows the difference between the normative and deviant behavior.In man, his dark side is shown as an unconscious desire for the forbidden and crime.

«Mask» -arhetip - it means a person that allows to hide secret "I".Defending his inner "I", a man tries to appear as required by public opinion.Ultimately, the "mask" can lead to depersonalization inner "I" and the spiritual degradation.

«Anima" - a male archetypes, female image in the men's subconscious.But he has another meaning - way deep subconscious wisdom and spirituality.Male figure in the women's subconscious archetype represented by "Animus".

archetype of "self" allows you to experience the individuality and separateness of his being and thus its relation with the world.Earthly wisdom and synthesis of conscious and unconscious embodies the archetype of "wise old man".

There are other archetypes - are images of an evil spirit, god, mystery, wonder, Apollo, Dionysus and others.This is all the forms through which an individual's inner world of each person manifests the collective unconscious.

Archetypes to help human consciousness to adapt to the external reality.Archetypes - is unconscious needs of the people to the various forms of transgressive behavior, including being creative.The whole existence of people is subject to three basic models of social behavior: chaos, order and harmony.Chaos means war against all order - cooperation with all the equilibrium relationship or calm neutrality, harmony - understanding and agreement of all against all, it is what everyone should aspire.