Hand gestures and their meanings: how to understand that a person on your mind?

Hand gestures and their meanings have been studied for a long time, and the researchers carried out a truly great job.There are a lot of different work and development in this area, but human movements are so diverse that to catch them all exactly sometimes simply impossible.In general movements can be divided into intentional and unintentional, that is the reflex that we carry out, without even noticing.Such gestures of hands can tell a lot about a person, and how it relates to what he says, or sees when communicating and gesturing.

When a man cheats

If a person is lying, he must give himself touching the face.Particularly noticeable manifestation of such gestures in children who like to try to cover his mouth to stop saying the truth.With age, gesturing with hands and face are less visible, but they certainly indicate that the speaker is lying.If someone covers her mouth during that time as the other says, it means that he doubted the veracity of the words of the interlocutor.At the same time, s

ome researchers believe that these hand gestures and their significance should be considered together with other movements and carry out further analysis said the man sometimes touching the face can mean nothing.Disguised version described the gesture - touching the nose.

interesting that lies can cause itching in the muscle tissues of the neck, so pulling the collar also may indicate fraud.Here we must be careful, perhaps, the shirt just too narrow, or human irritation after shaving.


If the listener bored (for example at a lecture or a business meeting), it certainly fills the hand with the aim to build on her head.These hand gestures and their meanings are obvious: it is a sure sign that he props up his head, so that it does not "fall" when he suddenly falls asleep.The degree of support shows just how boring the listener, if it is completely stretched out on his hand - it is very boring if it just lightly touches the head or cheek - small degree of boredom.The signal of impatience is also tapping your feet on the floor or fingers on the table.If the lecturer sees that half the audience based on the arm, and the other half knocking fingers on the table - it is better to finish his speech.

Estimates hand gestures and their meanings

If a person backs cheek with his fist when the index finger vpiraetsya in the temple, we are dealing with the estimated posture.If the index finger pointing to his temple and the large props chin, likely the listener does not like a lecturer or subject matter of the lecture.In addition, any person Propping hand associated with boredom or negative attitude, so if you want to show someone that you are interested in listening to him or what he says, take care of yourself and do not use such movements.

gestures associated with the decision

Estimated traffic to make a decision due to the fact that people want to put something in his mouth.For example, a person who wears glasses, put in your mouth shackle points.This can be a pen, pipe and other items.In this position, the man decides, and if he continues to do so even when it is already necessary to speak out, it shows that he still wants to think and to postpone the announcement of the decision.

In fact gestures and understand their meaning is very difficult.This article very briefly and superficially described only a few of them.There is a lot more signals about human kindness, lack of confidence, interest, lies and other things.Very detailed human gestures and their meanings are described Allan Pease."Body Language" - his famous book, which will help to open the eyes of those interested in the rich variety of gestures and what lies behind them.