Fertilizers for the strawberry - Food for the whole season

Cultivated plants, as we all know, give more fruit than those that grow in the wild.This suggests that both nutrients and they need more maintenance than the wild plants.Modern varieties of homemade strawberry often give berries in size significantly exceed those of the wild.Therefore, they need more dressing.What are fertilizers for strawberries and when they need to "feed" the plant?

Feeding often and much

first auxiliary power plant receives at the beginning of April, when the already relatively warm, but the first leaves have not yet blossomed.At this time the transplanted bushes, remove the old leaves and a mustache.Simultaneously with the planting and processing plants, and make fertilizer.Today, there are special types of fertilizer for strawberries, intended to supply only this berry.Feeding such fertilizers should be done 2-3 times per season, and stages.In what quantities it is necessary to make fertilizer for strawberries, usually indicated on the package.

second time the fertilizer in

to the soil when harvested first, the main crop of strawberries.This is usually somewhere in the middle-end of July.At the same time cut off his mustache and leaves, and carried out another very useful process: process plant 2-percent solution of liquid Bordeaux.This treatment kills harmful insects and parasites, which are chosen for their strawberry breeding.

And third feeding is carried out during the dry season, in mid-September.And not all the plants are fed, and only young fruiting bushes.

What to feed the plant?

Experienced gardeners instead of chemical fertilizers used for fertilizer strawberry relating to the form of organic.Most often it is humus or infusion of poultry manure.With this feeding in any case can not fall asleep bush plants, because it sometimes leads to the fact that the next harvest is possible and not to wait.

Another reason for the loss of future crops - an incorrect watering.During the dry season and during the pouring of berries especially plant needs water.But if you use the method of irrigation irrigation, rather than watering the roots, the crop can be lost due to botrytis.

If the soil where strawberries grow very poor, to feed the plant should be almost the whole growing season in early spring, during an appearance stems, at the time of flowering.

good result for the harvest brings mulching and fertilizing, soil fertilizer "AgroPrirost" that can make the soil more friable and to protect plants from pests and diseases.

strawberries hydroponically - the harvest year round

To get the harvest of strawberries all year round, it is necessary to comply with several conditions.First - this is the right choice of cultivar.For year-round cultivation of mainly take remontant varieties, fruiting almost all the time.These varieties include strawberry plants varieties of Mount Everest, Yellow miracle mural.For example, a strawberry variety Queen Elizabeth begins to bear fruit before anyone else, but she ends up fruiting period, too early.It can be grown and strawberries Gigantella Elvira, Crown and other Dutch varieties.

second condition for permanent crops - using hydroponics.What is hydroponically grown this berry depends on the number and location of the plant site.But only one thing is clear - strawberries hydroponically requires a professional approach.At the same time, depending on the stage of development of the plant nutrient content of the solution changes.Amateur gardeners can use universal security nutrient solution.