Macroeconomics - a holistic study of the national economy of the country

Economic theory includes several sections, one of which is macroeconomics.This branch of science that explores the economy as a whole, including in the spheres: state, major sector, and so on. You can also say with certainty that it is the union of theory and practice is about relationships, "total customer" and "total producer".

Macroeconomics - a science that investigates the processes occurring in the economic system as a whole.This is taken as a basis for the analysis of a particular State.It thoroughly examines all the processes, all the conditions and factors that influence the occurrence of a situation, organizes and justifies the results of such a mechanism, as the national economy.

worth noting that a lot of attention this science pays phenomena and forces of mass character.These factors largely determine the supply and demand, production and consumption, exchange and distribution across society as a whole.At the same time the boundaries of the segment is limited geographically, ie,It do

es not go beyond one state.

Macroeconomics - a study of the relations that arise between participants of market relations of a country.It should be noted that all, even the most minor changes between the operation of the well-established producers and consumers, the interaction of various companies and households, firms and agricultural enterprises of various sectors and economic spheres are also under strict cap analysis of the science.

Do not forget also about the various markets, taking place in the country, a factor, money and commodity - their characteristics, properties, operating conditions, and the relations between their members, are also an integral part of the macroeconomy.It is a characteristic feature of the development of any country of the world.

should be noted that this science is like its principles to other areas of the global knowledge called "economic theory."In addition, each of the blocks is treated similarly to other function blocks and methods specific to a particular system (families, businesses, state or around the world).

Macroeconomics and Microeconomics have much in common.And one other science and characterized by the fact that the type of requirements also determines the subject and the type of benefit.This long-established common.Both sections differentiate the needs of primary and secondary.In the same way they share and benefits.At the same time the needs of the primary nature include food, shelter, clothing, etc., and to secondary - cultural, spiritual, professional, and so on. D. It is perfectly evident in Maslow created a pyramid.According to the theory of American psychologist all needs are divided into five categories.This basis is the so-called physiological needs.After they meet the individual needs of safety - health, stability, etc.In the third stage there are needs for supplies.It is characterized by feelings such as love, friendship, and others.The penultimate appearance needs - recognition.A person must feel that he is respected and valued.At the highest level is the desire for professional growth, improvement and development.These aspirations are the needs of self-expression.

As already mentioned, the benefits are also divided into groups - primary and secondary.Macroeconomics - is one of the many sciences that recognizes their differentiation in the unlimited and limited.The first category includes air, water, the oceans, land land.The second part is the so-called economic benefits - minerals, flora and fauna, and so on. N.

Macroeconomics examines all processes related to the use of benefits to meet basic needs.Not surprisingly, the analysis and subjected to economic growth and decline rates, loops and turns of the economy, as well as the reasons that affect this and much more.