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For the past couple of years, as a representation of the Internet for Russian companies has become commonplace.No, of course, and at the dawn of the Internet in Russia was leading the company to immediately understand the benefits of the Internet, but only recently have a website has become not just fashionable, but also necessary for the successful conduct of the case.

This is due, primarily, the fact that a huge percentage of the marketing has migrated to the Internet, after all agree to reach an audience, with the Internet, nobody can compete.

Along with the necessity of self-representation on the Internet, there were, according to the laws of the market and demand.The most natural solution for the creation and publication of the site - it certainly is, so far, buying hosting and custom website for the professionals who develop the design, and if necessary, the modular functionality of the site of the company.

But now, there are serious services that allow companies, esp

ecially for beginners, as well as small and medium-sized businesses to obtain and publish your site instantly in a multiple number of times cheaper.This website builder services.They allow you to quickly create a website that the quality will differ little from the conservative.

What explains their popularity?

Well, firstly, this is the price.Since the site builder is the platform, the whole work of creation and publication of the customer's site automatically, which reduces the cost of the customer at times.

Second, it is accessibility.Even those who are not usually friends with a computer can create a website that is visually will be no different from a professional.

Third, this functionality.The fact that the set of the functionality of any website is quite limited, and that site designers just include the most popular and offer the functionality of Clint connection.Examples of such functionalities include: forums, guestbook, news feed, photo album, online store, etc.

Hence the growing popularity of these designers, the only limitation which is a visual view of the customer's site, as a constructor in any number of templates for the site is limited.

How to determine the quality of the website builder?

most important thing - it's easy to create a site for the average user.If the constructor involves a lot of buttons, menus, explanatory page and the page itself designer makes the customer for a long time to go through it to find out how and what can be done - this is a big minus.Ideally, a few buttons, say 5 or 6 - that's all the customer needs to quickly create and edit site.

second - a speed of creation of a site, iewithin two minutes after the registration of the customer should already see your site, let even without their own content, which it has not yet introduced, but your own website, what it looks like on the internet, the customer should be seen immediately.

third - is the speed of publishing on the web site is easy to remember address, ideally - in the third-level domains.If the designer gives you the address after the creation of the site in the form of http // / sites / saytinternet / 23456, where the last number - is the number of customers in the system designer, then, you see, do not really want to share this address with clients or just friends.

fourth - price, if the site builder is different tariffs depending on the number of pages that the customer wants to publish, or depending on the functionality that the customer wants (for example, to connect the module of the guest book with you to take the extra money)then it is wrong.The fact is that all the work already done by the developer website builder, and the connection module or odd pages it does not cost anything.So what did he takes some money for it with the customer?We would like to advise

site builder, which is all of these criteria appears to be quite competitive in the Russian market:

It site builder Cartao Net by Portuguese designers who successfully entered the Russian marketand in his capacity as you can see yourself.