A znete you which country is the birthplace of badminton?

who at least once in their life have not tried to play badminton?Its like everything: both adults and children.Of course, many playing badminton at the amateur level.You do not need to specifically delineated area, mesh-like volleyball, judges and strict rules.Just players try not to drop the shuttle in order not to interrupt the game fun.However, badminton is a sport discipline is also included in the program of Olympic Games.Naturally, everything is much more serious: there are referees, and special regulations, and professional layout and form, and so on. D. Besides amateur equipment is slightly different from a professional.For example, in the first case the shuttle is made of plastic, and the second - of natural feathers.By the way, badminton is one of the most ancient games, which are now considered to be Olympic.And immediately the question arises: "What country is the birthplace of badminton?Who is its founder? "On this and many other things you can learn by reading this article.

Which country is the birthplace of badminton?

in recent years to compete in the sport champions often become the Chinese and Koreans.They are better than the other competitors, it is possible to keep the supply of, and quick reflexes in this game is an important component.Because of this, many believe that the birthplace of badminton - it is China or Korea.However, this is completely untrue.There are several theories about the origin of this sport.For example, in ancient Greece there was a game that was like a badminton shuttlecock just throwing it to each other is not a racket, and his hands and feet.Today, however, hardly anyone believed that the birthplace of badminton - is Greece, and Japan, too, although there is still in the 14th century, the youth was taken to play "oybane", which had a modern badminton many similarities.Shuttlecock was made of cherry pits, which were drilled holes and were stuck feathers and rackets were made of wood.But the French game "as de pom" is more like tennis, because there is the main "actor" played small ball.However, in many sports blogs on the question: "Which country is the birthplace of badminton?" - Is only one answer: "India."Is it so?Is this information true?We invite you to join us to understand this.

How did badminton in Europe?

As noted above, the country-the birthplace of badminton - is India.What are the facts to support it?Well, for example, I was born here, "Puna" - closest to the badminton game.India from the 17th century became a British colony, and its territory became "host" British.Sailors learned from the Indians this game and returned to his country, to join her compatriots.Initially, it took a great interest only commoners, but later fell in love with her, and nobles, who are just looking for whatever to do.She especially liked the Duke of Beaufort - owner of the castle "Badminton House".In the 70s of the 19th century, he brought from the East Indies set of racquets and shuttlecocks for Pune and organized in his estate a kind of a sports school where everyone could learn to play, which continue to became known as the estate - "badminton".They were invented by the new rules of the game, and the racket and shuttlecock been improved.With each passing day the number of fans grew badminton, and after twenty years has created an English badminton players association.In 1899 in England, the first time the championship of the game.

So you know which country is the birthplace of badminton, or rather two of them: India and Britain.In one she was born, and the second underwent reinnovatsii.

Federation and championships

It took another 35 years for which badminton spread around the world.And so, in 1934, in the same England it was established the International Badminton Federation, and since 1947 have been held world championships in this sport - Thomas Cup.They involved only men.Since 1955 the championship was organized for women - Weber Cup.In short, Britain has contributed not only to the birth of the game in Europe, but also its distribution and recognition as a separate sport.Now, you probably did not have any doubt as to which country - the birthplace of badminton in the modern sense.It is definitely England.


way, badminton was included in the Olympic program only in 1992, though in 1972, at the Olympic Games in Munich, this game was presented as a demonstrative discipline.Every year interest in it not only extinguished, but also, on the contrary, increased.