The value of the name Leah, "antelope" or "chick"?

name Leah - drevneiudeyskoe, it is found even in the Bible.So called sister wives of Jacob and Leah Holy Catholics - the patroness of widows.Today the name is common not only in Israel.So called daughters of representatives of various nationalities.The name is popular because of its beautiful sound.However, the value of the name Leah is not as beautiful as his pronunciation "cow, calf, heifer."However, today we increasingly see more enjoyable, though inaccurate translation "antelope".


Little Leah - smart, whimsical, lively, fractious and explosive.Educators have to exert a lot of effort to "tame" the raging baby.Even in older age Leah name indicates that its owner herself can not know what she will do next.Her priority in life - she did.She loves himself to the extreme.Most of the time it spends on caring for themselves.The value of the name Leah suggests that the woman - the man of moods.And it Leah can change very quickly, and no family or work colleagues can not affect it.

Leah lives in his, a special little world.She can marry and can not get out: all again depends on my mood.Even married Leah never cease to care only about themselves.She is the mother careless, bad hostess, quite irresponsible employee.However, she has a big plus: the value of the name Leah birth sets up a girl on the infinite patience.She suffers and attacks (just) my husband and parents reprimanded, and criticism of the authorities.However, some colleagues or friends Leah assured that very often her patience smoothly into indifference and unwillingness to anyone but himself, to take into account.

interesting that not only the meaning of the name Leah influence on the nature of women, but also the year in which she was born.Summer bearer named tearful and melancholic.They are not able to organize their own lives, they are not interested in life, no money.They rush through life like an autumn leaf, driven by the wind.Winter girl - false and stubborn, but good.They make good artists, professionals of any creative specialties.Suggested art or creativity, girls significantly changed for the better, and then reach a considerable success.Only spring and autumn Leah are relatively balanced.They often grow pragmatic, hard, perfectly solve problems and build successful careers.Because even these make excellent, although quite authoritarian leaders.


Leah - the name of the multi-faceted.Creative nature named Leah often decorate their talent around the world.They are easy and pleasant to communicate, and even giddiness give familiar justify.Ly-pragmatists do not like, but they are able to organize the work of even complex "motley" group.The value of the name Leah should be a warning to friends: ordinary and gray natures among carriers of the name just does not happen.Leah, despite its lack of organization, usually marries once, but for a lifetime.Their unpredictability attracts men, forcing pay no attention to Jewish giddiness "heifers".