Tomatoes in the greenhouse.

Tomatoes - the culture is ambiguous.Someone manages to grow more crops from year to year, and someone can not find an approach to them.But to meet a man who would not like tomatoes, it is very difficult.The principles of this great culture growing in a greenhouse and open field are similar, but there are differences.

Growing tomatoes in the greenhouse, it is worth to pay attention to several important aspects: reasonable accommodation seedlings, temperature conditions, watering, formirovke plants, fertilizing, a possible overheating of the greenhouse, the fight against diseases and pests.

Planting tomatoes in the greenhouse should be carried out taking into account the distance between the plants recommended for a particular variety or hybrid.It is impossible to plant the seedlings closely in the future, this can lead to disease and pest proliferation.

For the good of tomatoes in the greenhouse temperature must be maintained during the day at 20-25 0 C, and at night 12-14 0C.Sudden changes in te

mperatures during the day is not particularly desirable.If this occurs during budding, the leaves may turn yellow tomatoes, the yellowness is with a bluish tinge.If the temperature in the greenhouse is below 10 0C, the pollen is ripe, if the rise above 35 0 C, the pollen becomes sterile.

tomatoes need to provide regular watering.How to pour the tomatoes in the greenhouse, it is difficult to say for sure.Once the top layer of soil dries out well, you need to water, and always warm water under the root.These plants prefer a moist soil, the air in the greenhouse should be dry.

Tomatoes grown in the greenhouse, preferably indeterminate, with the obligatory garter.To form their best in one stem.Stepchildren need to be removed, not allowing them to grow more than 5 cm. In this case, the tomatoes will not experience severe stress.On the stem optimally build 10 fruit brushes, and then remove the apical bud.If grown in a greenhouse without trellises undersized varieties, it is necessary to leave 3-4 flower brush and remove all suckers.

tomatoes in the greenhouse respond well to fertilization.Without them, a good harvest does not grow.During the season, you need to spend at least 3-4 subcortical organic fertilizer.Tomatoes are better able to absorb additional food in liquid form.Desirable and foliar feeding, for example, for fruit set would be useful sprinkling boron-containing drugs.

overheating the greenhouse can not be tolerated.To prevent it (to prevent the rise in temperature above 30 0C) can splash roof chalky solution and increase ventilation by opening a window and a door.It is especially important to ventilate well during flowering, pollination will improve.

Diseases and pests must be able to identify and to know the methods by which you can get rid of them.It is much easier to prevent their occurrence, than to fight its consequences.To avoid hollow and spotted ripening, you need a reasonable potash fertilizers.To avoid cracking of the fruit can be normalized watering, which is preferably carried out in the morning.Leaves curl and roll under the untimely removal stepsons and wrong formirovke.In order to avoid the physiological form apical rot, need regular watering (infrequent but deep).To avoid Fusarium fruit must eliminate high humidity in the greenhouse, regularly aired.

It is equally important to remove greenhouse tomatoes have lower senescent leaves, especially yellowing, they are susceptible to diseases among the first.

If there were pests, it is necessary to get rid of them mandatory.You can use folk remedies, and it is possible and chemicals - it depends on the size and stage of development of the pests.

Provide all difficult, but, following the above recommendations, you can count on a great harvest.