The depth of soil freezing - a very important indicator

Everyone dreams of their own home.Most decides to self-built house on the existing property in the territory.Here it is necessary to take into account the specifics of the location of the site and climatic features.In various parts of the country the depth of frost penetration is very different.Why is it so important is the figure?In winter, the ground freezes due to the presence of groundwater.They are located at different depths beneath the soil (depending on the area of ​​residence and climatic conditions).If you lay the foundation of the house higher level than necessary, an indicator such as the depth of soil freezing, will inevitably play a role in the destruction of the house.

easy to guess that the lower the temperature drops in the winter season, the greater the depth of soil freezing.Also it depends also on the type of soil.Regulatory freezing level is given in special documents such as SNIP.It is important to understand that the figures shown in this literature are maximum and are for the m

ost critical cases.The actual value of the depth of freezing will be slightly lower.For each city of the country contains its own normative depth of freezing ground.

Frozen ground is composed of ice, gas, mineral particles and water.It is very dangerous to build the house heave phenomenon, which may occur when non-compliance with technical requirements for construction.This is due to the increase in the volume of soil after freezing groundwater.There are also types of soil that thaws in the summer is not.They are called permafrost.

should take into account the fact that the permanent residence in the house built by the depth of soil freezing in the winter is reduced by twenty percent.Also, you can contribute to its reduction by planting shrubs along the perimeter of the building.

When asphalting tracks suburban area, too, should take into account the level of soil freezing.It can adversely affect the building material and forming cracks.

Experienced gardeners know that with the help of greenhouses and polytunnels, you can increase the speed of thawing of the soil in early spring.It is important for those who need to get an early harvest.

If the house will be built in heaving soils, it will inevitably lead to its destruction.Such soil is highly exposed to freezing and increases in volume, impacting on the foundation of the structure.The value of the bearing capacity of the soil need to know before you start laying the foundation.The house should be increased in case of low strength index.Frustrating when on the façade you can see the cracks.They are the first indication that the depth of the frost line was incorrectly defined at the stage of bookmarks foundation.Therefore, to obtain high-quality results you need to be patient and take into account all the details prior to construction.Then the house will be built for many years to be strong and safe haven for you.