Stray currents: characteristic, nature, protection

Stray currents - a kind of directional movement of charged particles, which occurs in the earth using the latter as a guide.The main danger of this phenomenon is the development of corrosion of the metal objects, which are under the earth, or at least partially in contact with it.

Stray currents arise in the case where multiple metal parts (wherein the metals have to be varied), between which there is contact, placed in any electrolytic liquid.This fluid may be everything except distilled water.At the same time with increasing temperature conductivity of the electrolyte will only increase, as, for example, happens to vessels that travel from the northern seas to tropical countries.

Stray currents can occur under the influence of both internal and external sources, such as, for example, a short circuit in the electrical network, incorrect connection elements, poor insulation edektroprovodki.For large building structures, which can be safely attributed any apartment building, in which the vagus cur

rent generated due to the fact that between the grounding elements in different parts of the building forms a potential difference.

As is known, any metal structure is required to be closed in the neutral conductor of input distribution device.Such a system is the name of the system of equalization of potentials, it is necessary to between grounding elements arose direction of the electric current.

also an important reason for the formation of stray currents and, as a consequence of galvanic corrosion is a widespread replacement of metal pipes in the apartments on the plastic.The thing is that in this case, is torn between the main risers metallosvyaz that are grounded through the potential equalization, and additional pipes that lead, for example, a heated towel rail.In this case, between the riser and the auxiliary pipe forming a potential difference therebetween and, if there is a conductor such as flowing water, then an electric current.

protection against stray currents is to equalize the potential between the metal structures.It is enough to connect the primary and secondary riser pipe, then the opportunity for the emergence of the electric current disappears.

Another danger stems from the fact that the moving of the water pipes, which, as mentioned above, an excellent conductor, constantly in contact with the pipes themselves - dielectrics.From this friction generates an electric current which, in accordance with the basic laws of physics, will accumulate on the ends of metal structures.The resulting static electricity will play an important role in ensuring that the resulting stray currents will have more power.This should be taken into account.

Thus, stray currents are quite common in everyday life.In order to avoid their bad effects, it is necessary to approach very carefully to ground all metal structures in the building, especially given the fact that part of the tube is now replaced by metal and plastic.