Enjoying Dream Book: forest

forest is mysterious and unpredictable element of many myths, fairy tales and legends.Here you can find shelter from the dangers lying in wait, but you can get lost.It's always good to try to find an explanation of sleep, in which the forest takes the most brilliant position.

dream interpretation often depends on the form in which you appeared in front of a forest, what actions took place there.As described by the dream book, forest, seen in a dream, it foretells some complicated situation in real life, a sense of hopelessness and neglect.If you look at it from the outside, it is likely in the near future will have to decide fairly important decision.

If you dream you are looking for shelter in the woods, hiding, you have to think about your own inner state.You may need to get away from everyday life, to be alone.But if you climb the tree, it could mean that soon you will advance through the ranks.

Occupation FIREWOODPROCESSORS may portend begin to fight for success with her brilliant conclusion f

or you.If we had a forest in which you find yourself alone, it is likely you will wait failures in commercial matters.Disagreements in the family and at work predicts bad luck wandering about the thick woodland in a dream.If you are hungry, and this cold - not in front of a very nice trip.

To dream trees covered with young leaves - to fulfill the dreams and life plans.It tells the dream book, a forest with dead trees symbolizes sadness, loss, sadness.Also portends troubles fallen leaves, rustling underfoot.If you chop trees in their dreams, or pull out the roots, it is interpreted as a prediction of worthless waste of energy and wealth.

Burning trees in the forest represent ambulances monetary loss or inappropriate, unnecessary purchases, useless spending.By stalemate dream forest with bare trees.Flowering branches it can be regarded as future changes in life.

How treats esoteric dream book, a forest of deciduous trees is a health problem caused by your own pessimism.Coniferous array of funeral reflects your mood and thoughts.Autumn, bare, empty timber portends imminent happy celebration.Burning - symbolizes the prospect of free from want, spleen, disease.

interpreter of dreams, based on the theories of Freud, considering dreamed forest landscape as a warning of potential problems and diseases of the female organs.Slavic sonnik forest associated with the upcoming hard work, but walking on it marks a profit.By e-interpreter green forest dream to success in business, wealth, good health, but to get lost in it - to the disease.

central to the interpretation of the forest's dream should serve emotions received in a dream.The magic, majestic, frightening, dangerous - as it was in your dream?Forest directly associated with feelings of pleasure, freedom, fear and the need to pass through it.It was at this point reveal our secret desires and probable opportunities.