Koala - Bear marsupial and defenseless

these charming little animals and would like to take the handle, or even just to touch: they are cute, funny and looks very similar to a stuffed toy.Their appearance is absolutely emotion at all and wins hearts at first sight.Of course, this koala, a description of the appearance and habits are truly noteworthy!Let's take a closer look at these wonderful animals!

bear or the bear?

Many people mistakenly believe if koala - bear, with marsupial!In fact this is not true.Koala - marsupial that has nothing to do with bears, except that their appearance was too like a teddy bear.Scientists have not agreed, but it is assumed that the koala - it evolved so many years ago wombat, which moved from the ground to the tree.But as yet it is assumed that the koala - bear, we do not dispute this fact.


small mammal that looks quite funny: long reaches 82 centimeters and weighs about 16 kilograms.Do koalas big head with large round ears and thick fluffy schёchkami.Eyes small, round, brown or amber.F

unny black nose stands out - this is the only area of ​​the body koalas, which are not covered with hair.In marsupial beast of 4 fingers on each limb.The coat is dense, thick and extremely soft, gray on the back and light on the abdomen.Bag, which displayed little koala, opened back.These animals do not like to rush, they sort of phlegmatic, who live in the pleasure.Happy love to sleep, and at night - to eat.

Fatal insecurity

only place these unique natural habitats of animals - Australia, with a population dearly loves those touching animals.Another fact casts doubt on the fact that the koala - bear - is its peaceful and quite aggressive nature.This defenseless animal can not stand up for themselves.There was a time when the koalas mercilessly killed for furry pelts, which were in great demand and exported to other continents.In addition, in these animals a weak immune system and poor adaptability to climate change and the environment.

addition, koalas often perish in fires, from time to time covering the eucalyptus forests.Frightened animals fire instead of fleeing to a safer place, only stronger pressed against the trunk of the native tree house, leaving no chance of survival itself.

As a result, the number of koalas is rapidly shrinking, and today they left quite a bit - only about 80 000 individuals.

Menu for marsupial

and wonder what eats the koala.These animals are very picky about food and do not eat nothing but eucalyptus leaves, which are very dense nutrient-poor - there is virtually no protein.In addition, eucalyptus leaves toxic - in their fibers comprise terpenes and phenols, and hydrocyanic acid capable cause almost instant death.

Why is this animal is not poisoned by what he eats?Koala because all day slowly chewing poisonous eucalyptus and still feels good!The fact that animals eat young leaves with only those trees which grow along rivers - a concentration which is considerably lower toxic substances.Besides, marsupials unique liver, which has the function of neutralizing the venom.Another interesting fact is that almost koalas do not drink the water - it is enough that the moisture contained in the leaves.

almost like people

koalas live apart, or small families, which consist of one male and several females.In a word - the harem.Multiply koalas in the first half of autumn.Pregnant females lasts about 30 days and ends with the birth of a cub, weighing extremely small - only 6 grams!He brings up the baby only a mother - the father does not take this laborious process no part.

Little koala lives in a brood pouch mum about 7 months and feeds it milk and gruel of half-digested eucalyptus leaves.At the age of 7-8 months the cub leaves his cozy little world and moved to her back.Koalas - very good mom, you might say, an example to follow.They patiently bear their grown-up kid on his back for the next 5 months.In addition, the mother koala cub protects from all kinds of trouble, and during sleep or dank weather pushes his child to him, warming him with its warmth.Toddlers love, koalas sleep in her mother's arms, and only after they reach a year, they start an independent life.

amazing animals - koalas.Bear it or not, it is not exactly clear, but we know one thing: this marsupial not tolerate anything hurry, including in their own adult life: at puberty koala takes 3-4 years, and all her life expectancy is 20 years.

House, home of

Although koalas are easily tamed and very attached to those who are caring for them in captivity it is virtually impossible - because they need one kilogram of fresh eucalyptus leaves per day!And koalas can not eat the leaves of the eucalyptus trees that grow, for example, in Sochi and the Crimea.They are good only at home - in Australia.

In connection with the threat of extinction of cute Fuzzies government took them under the protection of koalas and assigned the status of vulnerable animals whose existence is under threat of extinction.Especially for these charming little animals in the parks planted eucalyptus groves.In addition, the koala listed as endangered in Australia and it is hoped that the efforts of those who care are met, and defenseless marsupials will please its existence to the planet, and many more thousands of years.