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There are male names in the directory ancient and beautiful name Ratmir.Its origin goes back to the thirteenth century.So called real-life hero, an ally and friend of Alexander Nevsky.He faithfully served the prince for life.About Ratmir death, little is known.Some historians believe that he was killed in battle, others - that it is a long time mayest after the death of the prince, serving as his brother.It is possible that there were some soldiers with the same name.But it hardly matters: the name of Ratmir in any case, was a sign of greatness Novgorod, military honor and loyalty to his prince.Modern anthroponimics differently considering the name, derived from the word "host" and "peace", giving it a slightly different, more general meaning.Name Ratmir today - a "defender of peace".This title puts an imprint on its carrier.

name and fate

occultists give the word its meaning.Name Ratmir with their point of view determines the combat, but the fairness of the media.Many folk healers believe that Ratm

ir - not only the brave fighter for justice.Since childhood, he feels and understands the people on an intuitive level, but often can not understand their likes and dislikes.This does not prevent the boy to choose friends and foes shun society: friends and enemies are in the life of a man of great importance.Ratmir name implies that the support it has quick and active mind, able to quickly orient themselves in any situation and has the gift of persuasion.In the senior years he goes well any business.

Ratmir - a fighter for justice

However, Ratmir - a man of conviction, for which he can sacrifice even themselves.This does not happen often, but Ratmir never go on about the unjust people.In addition, it is sometimes covered embarrassment for their well-being.That is why, having collected a good old age capital or build a great business, he is able to just give it to someone without any conditions.It is important for its own act, its deeper meaning.Ratmir name implies full independence.Ratmir never on anybody does not expect all to decide.His demands on themselves somewhat high, as well as to others.This is sometimes a stumbling block in relations Ratmir with colleagues or friends.What is the name Ratmir for privacy?The desire for strong family, honesty and reliability, the love of home and the ability to defend the honor of their loved ones.Wife Ratmir easy and difficult at the same time with him.On the one hand, it does not need anything, always surrounded by care, love, attention.However, excessive demands and sensitivity Ratmir sometimes leads to the fact that he is offended by trifles or misinterprets actions of his wife.Ratmir quickly get tired of people who are disagreeable to him.Outwardly, he may not show it, but the overvoltage from communicating with them can lead to physical ailments.The family was Ratmir will solve all the problems, resolve conflicts and achieve their goals.A woman who decides to marry him, it must provide a cozy hearth, reliable rear and all-round support.Otherwise, it can not avoid quarrels and scandals first, then - divorce and perennial grievances.Ladies, bearing the names of Inga, Joan, Claudia, Allah is not recommended to connect the life with Ratmir.