What is the human emotions and how to deal with them

Even the most quiet and reserved people have emotions.But what emotions and why they paid so much attention?Most psychologists believe that this is the first and immediate reaction to the incident, the object or event.This is a transient phenomenon, which, however, is very important for the body.

fact that emotions are a kind of mirror of the world.Negative indicate that the person is not satisfied with the situation, or something like that.

positive, on the contrary, prove the correctness of decisions and actions, serve as a kind of "carrot."At the same emotions are more or less strong.For example, fear can still be overcome, but the horror - a much more powerful emotion - is much worse to control.This fear of the man reported that he was faced with some danger and horror - that the danger is too great, and better run.Wonder tells of that information or the event does not match the earlier findings and assumptions.

Scientists have for a long time arguing about what emotions are and how they can

be divided and describe.Most often, they are divided into simple and basic (joy, sadness, concern, anger, fear, surprise and disgust) on the pleasure-pain (especially easily traced by the example of newborn children) and many others.But at the heart of everything they arise out of compliance and non-compliance events and environmental needs and the reality of human beliefs.

However, there are options more complicated.This, above all, emotion communication, that is the experience associated with a thirst for communication and emotional intimacy.What is the emotion of this type?They force people to seek friendship, sympathy and assistance.In the same category are altruistic emotions, through which people help and protection to someone, and the desire for fame, self-affirmation, recognition and honor.Besides them there are romantic emotions and pleasant feelings on the work done, the goal or the contemplation of beauty.There are hedonistic emotions associated with satisfaction of needs in comfort, bodily or mental, and the joy of acquisition or accumulation.

What emotions for a person?This is the first impulses that lead him and guide all activities, they are primary in relation to thought and reason, and they often direct the behavior.And live without them people would not be able to, because emotions affect hormone metabolism, tone the entire body and affect the feeling of happiness and fullness of life.That is why it is vital to know how to manage emotions and to use them successfully.

Some psychologists say that is harmful and should not be suppressed impulses.However, control of emotions is still necessary.After all, they can be dangerous to others and harmful to the individual himself.There are three ways to manage emotions.This, above all, an attempt to switch to something else, select another object for concentration.Generally, this method works fine, just need to make some effort.The second way is to change beliefs, because they greatly influence the way a person perceives the information from the environment.And the third way - to change the physiology: breathing, posture, even the tone of voice affects a person's thoughts and emotions.

Thus, despite the primacy of emotions and that their origin is not subject to reason, people are, however, they can control and subjugate, finding harmony and integrity.After all, unbridled, wild and destructive passions destroy the person, and the acquisition of power over them makes it possible to live a happy and fulfilling life.