Caution: participial turnover!

What is a sacrament?It is a form of the verb (some linguists believe that the independent part of speech), which represents a feature of an object of his action.Examples: written, singing, drawn, coloring, whipped.

If Communion is, beyond his words, the construction will be called the turnover involved.Examples: Write a disciple, singing a song, drawn by some strange force, coloring brush, whisk.

participial usually in sentences act as definitions of: isolated, segregated, adverbial.

participial always acts as a single, integral part of the sentence, and, therefore, determines the one key word.Depending on where in the proposal in relation to the determined way he stands or does not stand by commas.Provided, if the stands after the defined.


- Sun quickly slips into the horizon, colored the sky in a strange pink color.

- slips into the horizon sun turned the sky into a strange pinkish color.

called the gerund form of the verb (or, according to other language and literature, independe

nt of the speech), indicating further action.They never change.Examples: painting, singing, drawing, whisking.

gerund, indicating the additional effect of the predicate, as it indicates the action to be (only optional).

Example: The boy was walking, jumping and singing.See .: boy walked, jumped and sang.

Remember gerund indicates additional action predicate.It can not be linked to other words in the sentence.This coarse speech errors.You can not say "approaching the platform, my hat flew off!"It turns out that the hat was approaching and flew off!Unfortunately, many journalists and translators to forget about this rule.There are pearls like "coming out of the room, I scored a shiver."

In order to check whether eating gerund, enough to change it into a verb.If the proposal does not lose meaning, it is applied correctly.

Examples: sat yawning from boredom - sitting and yawning from boredom.He sang, rolling her eyes from diligence - sang and rolled eyes from diligence.

verbal participle phrases - gerund is a word that depends on it.Examples: painting a fence, carrying, softly singing, whipping to a froth.

verbal participle phrases, as opposed to the sacrament, the proposal always circumstance.Example: The boy walked quickly down the street, glancing around.

He, as well as ownership, is one member of proposals relates to one word.Example: He was running (how?), Bouncing from an overabundance of feelings.

Usually participial turnover, regardless localization in the proposal, released by commas, and therefore a separate circumstance.

Examples: He quickly moved forward, afraid of being late.He was afraid of being late, quickly went ahead.It is, without realizing, fingering a strand of hair.

Sometimes verbal participle phrases may be part of set phrases (phraseologism).In this case, it will not stand by commas.

Example: Children listening to an unfamiliar song with bated breath.

ownership and verbal participle phrases often used in portrait speech.