Why withdraw money

Scientific studies show that sleep is vital to our lives.Of course, this is not a special gift from the gods, but the work of our subconscious, still not fully investigated, and therefore, open to new ideas and interpretations.

ordinary people far removed from the latest discoveries of science, is not as important as the work of the brain responsible for visual messaging subconscious that night "taking power into their own hands", revealing to man his true motives, fears and desires.Much more important is the message, which is undergoing "brain censorship", it comes to us in a variety of dreams.

During his life, we see a huge number of dreams, some of them are worried about us, frighten;others, on the contrary, give pleasure, allow to carry out their wishes.Most of us are trying to interpret his dream, but lost sight of one important thing: the visual images that we see in a dream, it is just a symbol, so the work on the interpretation of dreams - a symbol of dream interpretation.

This article focuses on the analysis of "cash" dreams.Seeing the money in a dream, many rush to rejoice, saying, finally, fortune smiled on me.Others, recalling the story of that time had a dream, then do not come to pass, upset and mentally prepare yourself for the worst.Who is right?Why withdraw?

From what function is performed in a dream the money (they lost, found, received as a gift, and so on), what kind of money (paper, coins), it depends on the interpretation of a dream.Some studies claim that the matter even time of year when had a dream.

But the dream itself can be decoded as a warning, and the harbinger of good luck and prosperity.Everything in order.

Why withdraw money.Temporary value

It is believed that the interpretation of that depends on the time of year when there is a dream.Thus, the "cash" dreams in the summer and springtime is an omen of happiness and good luck.A fall and winter dreams about money warn of inevitable misfortunes and troubles.

Why withdraw money.The interpretation of the function of money in a dream

See large sums of money in a dream - a reduction in costs and income.

see a lot of paper money - to the execution of the plan.

recieve money - a loss and trouble.Alternative version - to replenish the family.

lose money in a dream - to small mistakes and failures.

pay money - a well-deserved reward.

Collect money - a loss.

receive money as payment for their work - to the ingratitude and contempt on the part of the wife.

pay wages - to the separation.

Finding money - to the consolidation of the financial situation.

Count money - to prosperity.

collect money that scattered - to failure.

Distribute - an unexpected profit.

borrow - for possible problems, especially in financial terms.

repay - to get rid of the disease.Share

material condition of the family - to the separation.

Save - to wealth.

All this applies to the actions of the dreamer (finds, loses, pays).If operations with money in a dream place without his knowledge, it is not a good sign.According to the dream book, stole the money - be careful, someone is unfair game against you.

Why withdraw money.The interpretation of dreams by the form of money

To dream paper money - not a good sign.If in life you're going to borrow money or to invest in business, not in a hurry, it is cheating, chances are you will lose them.

If you dream you see old money, you can count on a pleasant surprise or a gift.

Change promises a dream in which there are coins.And trifle dream foretells spending, both financial and emotional.

If you dream you see or perform any operations with copper money - get ready for sorrow.

Silver money symbolizes the tears come.Alternative version - silver coins symbolizing profit.

Gold Money warn of trouble and sorrow.

There is one caveat, which warns dream book: counterfeit money (either found or spent) denote the same thing.Fake money symbolizes strength waste, fraud, and damage will have to face the reality.

There are such popular superstitions and rituals, which are directly related to "cash" dreams.In this sense, it is interesting not only something that withdraw money, and how to avoid unwanted future (which prepares the dream), or how to keep and not to miss the desired future.

For example, a dream foretells you participate in profitable projects.In order not to miss the good fortune to find a bill in which the last three digits are the same, and keep it with them for seven days.

If sleep predicts that coming you financial difficulties, and some of your colleagues will take advantage of the failure, you can protect yourself in this way.Before going to sleep on the nails of his left hand, draw 5 shapes (circle, triangle, square, rhombus, trapezoid), but do not rinse them.

Believe it or not, you decide;frankly, it seems rather strange adult with these drawings on the nails, but if you do not care what others think, it is worth a try.

Finally version of psychologists.Dream, which featured the money may be a reflection of your desire to have the power in its various manifestations.It is no secret that money epitomize power, high social status, self-sufficiency and influence.If in real life you feel the need for these qualities or are in a difficult financial situation, the emergence of "sleeping money" is likely.