Growing strawberries in plastic bags : a treat in the winter, as well as a profitable home based business

Strawberry - a favorite treat of many of us.We look forward to the time when it matures on our beds or in large quantities and at a low price will be sold in shops and markets.In winter time, if we allow ourselves to enjoy strawberry, then, as a rule, fee is too high.Today, when the world and so little remains unenforceable, you can even grow strawberries all year round.You are not surprised a lot, is not it?In fact, everything is simple: the cultivation of strawberries in the apartment - this is what you need to just yet.But first things first.

method which will be described below, is used for a long time the Dutch, in the end the year they collected several strawberry crops.But this method is not nothing like the cultivation of strawberries in plastic bags.If you want several times a year to treat your family and friends this berry, and even in this case and to open right at home your small business, then immediately get to work.

First you need to decide on the location where you will stand bags.

From its size will depend largely on the amount of the harvested crop, but even in a small apartment fully able to arrange a few bags.If you have a private house, then under the case can be distinguished spare room or garage, shed.It is important to take into account the following parameters: room heating, lighting 8-12 hours and periodic ventilation.If at least one of these indicators will be broken, strawberries just starts to bear fruit.Just imagine it and it will be deprived of the natural growing conditions, and if still in the room did not provide it with care, then there is no sense at all to start the job.

As mentioned above, the cultivation of strawberries at home is carried out in plastic bags.They do of welded plastic film (2 mm thick), which is best to take the white.Approximate size of the bag the following: diameter - 15-16 cm, height of 2-2.2 meters.Ready-made bags filled with earth mixed with simple fertilizer.After that, they need to place on the floor in rows so that each square meter had 2-3 bag.At the request of the bags can be put in two or even three levels (depending on the height of the room) for the ready-made shelves.Growing strawberries in plastic bags is as follows: on the surface of each bag must be staggered to make holes 7 cm in length, the distance between the holes should be about 21-25 cm.

now need to think about how you are going to waterplants.If your plantation is small, and you can do it yourself, but if a lot of bags, the easiest way to make the irrigation system, material for tube which will droppers.Three tubes are taken and fed to the bottom, middle and top of the bag.The free ends of the tubes are connected to the distribution manifold to be positioned above the bags.The day must come to the plant nutrient solution in the following amount: 2 liters per bag.

When everything is ready, it's time to plant seedlings of strawberries.Make sure that it is healthy for it should not be dry and damaged leaves.It is best to buy the seedlings fall, hold it a couple of months in a cold room (to relax a bit), and then planted in the bags.When strawberry blooms, be sure to remove the pollen (in nature do insects).The most convenient way to do it with a small brush.

As you can see, the cultivation of strawberries in plastic bags is not already a difficult task.Of course, work still have to, because, as they say "no work and do not pull the fish out of the pond."But imagine what you could do it, and do not let a year later, and after 2, but you will start to collect just a huge harvest in such conditions.By the way, the cultivation of strawberries in plastic bags - it is also a profitable business.Surely the whole crop sestsamostoyatelno you can not, so it can often be easy to sell.But from the delicious homemade strawberry hanging up buyers just will not.