Why is there hatred of the people, and how to fight it

Everyone knows the popular expression, borrowed from the "Bible" about the fact that you need to love your neighbor, that is human in the broadest sense of the word as yourself.Why is it just now was so often exaggerated in the media, and even in ordinary everyday speech?

Yes, because more and more often our society is shocking fact that the hatred of the people over the edge!Freaks, alcoholics, hooligans - it is clear, that's all subjects with mental disorders.But today, gaining momentum various currents in which the instrument of destruction of their own kind are just normal people, but with a pronounced "correct" behavior.

example, youth subculture whose members are called streyteydzherami, the precepts of their behavior is the rejection of drugs and alcohol, smoking and sexual relations without love.They extol integrity, loyalty and respect for elders, animal rights and the environment.All this, of course, very commendable.And even it is not clear what the conversation is conducted and where ar

e the hatred of the people.A relationship is the most that neither is on the line.

especially devoted to the ideas of a healthy lifestyle and protection of the animals develop a biocentrism such force that they begin to commit illegal acts in order to change everything around.They smashing shops that sell meat or fur, beat people smoking in front of them or drinking.Such campaigns often end in serious injuries and may even result in death of a person.Themselves members of the organization believe that the one who does not value the lives of others (for example, chicken or fish), he is not worthy of her.Is not this hatred of the people?

The same applies to the pseudo-patriots.With the slogan "Russia for the Russian!" Skinheads smash stalls and markets, beaten to death, people with darker skin color and hair.Falls under the "distribution" not only foreign visitors, that is, people from neighboring countries, but also a huge number of born and raised in Russia, those who consider it their only homeland and have little or no less patriotic.This hatred of the people further inflame the leaders of such groups, effortlessly manipulating the young people at their own discretion.In this situation, it is difficult to say whose role worse skins themselves or their adult leadership.

question arises itself: what are the causes of aggression?Why one person is willing to give to the homeless last shirt, and the other with pleasure pnёt dirty foot kid - a beggar.Not worth all the row with the same brush: losing their homes and livelihoods can be anyone.But the use of violence to the already disadvantaged people, at least - is immoral and cruel.

As it turned out, the reason is lying on the surface!This spiteful attitude towards people standing on the lower level of morality or does not correspond to the individual of integrity, is a mental illness and is called misanthropy.And it is often people suffer from intellectual development, cultural, even talented and creative.They limit themselves to a narrow circle of acquaintances, trying to avoid human gatherings.And in his works (sometimes very talented) these people gradually promote violence and hatred living nearby.

How to get rid of hate?How to clean the world from evil?This is a rhetorical question.Misanthropy is incurable, many say psychologists.But if she is still just trying to put your soul in its roots, pluck it out of his heart without regret!After all, if every single individual purify himself from the hatred and evil, all together we become kinder and cleaner.

All our society is imperfect.Correction requires even a system of state punishment, designed to re-osutupivshihsya.However, it is proving to be the opposite: even hit the ground, "not so distant" people who have committed an offense of negligence, with no evil in his heart, back there angry.And this process of re-generates another round of aggression.